Surf Expo: Our Favorites from the Show

A couple weekends ago, the Gearographer crew ran all around Surf Expo in Florida searching for the best products to bring back to you guys. We met some pretty rad folks in the Surf/SUP industry and got to try out some really cool products.

But that’s not all! The point is we got to check out some cool gear and take tons of photos.

IMG_4052Wind Pouch Inflatable HammockMSRP: $99.99

What is it: The original inflatable hammock. Blow it up and use it as a floatation device or a hammock.

Why it matters: Ready to up your hammocking game? These Wind Runner hammocks will do that. Whether you take it to your favorite camping spot or to the lake, you’re guaranteed to have a great time.

Tech Specs: No air pump required, airs up in seconds. 4 different colors and the fabric is engineered to keep you cool.

IMG_4037Mission BeltsMSRP: $34.95

What is it: These adjustable leather and nylon belts are high quality and they can be trimmed to fit any size.

Why it matters: Sometimes keeping your pants up during outdoor activities can be a struggle, always having to stop and pull them up so you don’t embarrass yourself. They also donate a portion of every purchase to support micro lending that fights poverty and hunger around the world.

Tech specs: Sizes are, Small (28-32”), medium (33-35”), large (36-38”), xl (39-42”), custom (up to 56). Genuine leather, resizable (note: be careful how much you cut off, It won’t grow back), interchangeable belt buckles.

IMG_4032Boosted Boards Gen 2MSRP: $999

What is it: An electric-powered skateboard. Capable of going almost anywhere, this board is super durable and comes with a decently powerful battery.

Why it matters: Getting to work has never been more fun. No waiting at long lights or dealing with drivers that should not have passed their driving tests.

Tech specs: Replaceable batteries with 6-7 miles of range on the standard battery or 12-14 on the extended battery. Fiberglass and bamboo construction offers a great riding experience. Smooth drive train along with a custom remote that has regenerative brakes. Last but not least an iPhone app that lets you keep track of the charge and specs from your phone.

IMG_4042Caneel Coastal Kayak (Clear)MSRP: $1,199

What is it: A clear-bottomed boat design which allows you to see down into the water and enjoy reefs and marine life.

Why it matters: This tandem clear kayak is perfect for adventures with friends and family. No more wondering what’s lurking in the shadows under your boat.

Specs: The kayak is 10’8 long, 31.5” wide and 12” tall. It weighs 44lbs and has a capacity of 425lbs.

IMG_4062La Siesta ColibriMSRP: $49.99

What is it: A compact travel hammock perfect for day hikes or hanging out in the yard.

Why it matters: These hammocks will keep you up off the ground, out of the bugs and away from bears that might come wondering by. Also the bright colorful designs will keep you looking stylish on your adventures.

Specs: Their compact design only weighs 1.5 pounds and it made from an ultra-light silk very soft fabric that is also fast drying and breathable. Also it has 2 polyester ropes and reinforced lightweight hooks.

IMG_4059Proof Skateboard Sunglass CollectionMSRP: $85-120

What is it: Proof continues to revolutionize the sunglass market with their wood sunglasses. Their newest sustainable product is made from skateboard decks.

Why it matters: Ever lost your sunglasses in the bottom of the pool or ocean? Proof sunglasses float because of their wood construction. They are also very stylish and you can match the wood on your skateboard deck. Also Proof stands by their products and if they start to fall apart you can send them in and they will send you a new pair.

Specs: Handcrafted from Canadian Maple skateboards. Water resistant, polarized lenses and stainless steel spring loaded hinges. What do you get? The sunglasses come with a wood boxes and microfiber pouch.

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