Shot Show 2016: Stuff We Liked

Show Show 2016 in Vegas had an awful lot of amazing gear to check out. I strolled through those aisles like a blood hound to find the coolest, sharpest, and most helpful tools for the modern hunter and outdoor enthusiast.

Leatherman Tread:

MSRP: $190-$220

Release: currently available, new links coming in Q3

I like to look at this tool as a “Man-Dora,” kind of a tool version of a charm bracelet with attitude. It is the only smart tool that you can safely bring through TSA with you. This is a game changer as many of us at Gearographer travel frequently and have to leave our tools behind. It’s stylish, wears like a watch, and it has interchangeable tools. Well-played Leatherman; well played.



ThemaCELL: Proflex heavy duty heated insoles

MSRP: $199

Release: Late Summer

Tested up to 1 million steps, these puppies are ideal for any winter related activities. They will last about 6.5 hours and keep your feet as warm as 111 degrees. They have also developed a great little app where you can connect to the insoles to adjust the temp and see the battery life on each one. You know, in case you were to step in a puddle or you forgot to wear the double socks on that one foot, crank that baby full blast and you are good to go. And if the battery goes out, just buy another one on their website and you are set.



Benelli Ethos 28 Guage

Release: Q3

MSRP: $2199

This is the first 28 gauge ever developed that can handle the regular 2 3/4″ shell as well as a 3″ shell. Now you may ask,  “what in the world is a 3 inch 28 gauge shell?” Well, Benelli has been working directly with Fiocchi to develop the shell specifically for this gun. They claim the Ethos is a 28 that can shoot like a 20 whenever you need to toss in those 3 inchers. I personally can’t wait to try this out as I am an avid fan of 28 gauges. The less power in the gun, the more accuracy your shot has to have. So stop shooting quail with a 12 gauge and save some of that delicious bird for the dinner table by using a 28 gauge.

Fiocchi 28 gauge 3″ shells:

Release: Q3

MSRP: Not yet deteremined

Of course, if we’re going to talk about the Benelli we have to talk about the shells it fires. Fiocchi is the most popular Italian shotgun shell brand and they are confident their shells will make this new 28 gauge a force to be reckoned with. Although it is early the be certain, they plan to make 4, 5, and 6 shot 7/8 ounce rounds.



Midland Radio: E+Ready EX37VP Emergency Two-Way Radio Kit

MSRP: $49.99 

This little puppy contains all of the products on the FEMA recommended check-list for emergency preparedness. They act as two-way radios as well as weather alert radios with a 26 mile range. They use technology that scans and alerts you to changing weather patterns. The package also comes with a flashlight, soft carrying case, a whistle/compass, temp gauge, magnifying glass, and a micro USB charger for the radios.

I have lived in both Arkansas and Florida, each of which has been ravaged by tornadoes or hurricanes and this little guy would have been very helpful for those encounters. One of the scariest things to go through is sitting in your “hidey hole” hoping your house doesn’t get destroyed and having nothing to alert you.

midland radio


Dickies Stretch Riptop Tactical Pants:

MSRP: About $49.99

After searching the show for 3 days I finally stumbled upon these tactical pants. They have a pocket for literally everything. The L-shaped pocket is perfect for clipping your knife; there’s a cell phone pocket, large cargo pockets (with mag holder) and even a center back pocket for holding important things that you need to reach quickly (handcuffs?). On top of all the pockets, these guys are water and stain repellent with DuPont Teflon. All-in-all they are comfortable, reliable, and can hold all the goodies one might need for a stroll through just about anywhere.



Spyderco Mantra 2:

MSRP: about $279.99

This flipper-style folding knife is sharp, sleek, and tough. The handle is incredibly high-quality titanium and the blade is a high-performance CPM® M4 tool steel — a powder metallurgy steel specially formulated for toughness, superior wear resistance, and edge retention. You can fit a clip on either side for lefties or righties. It also has that signature Spyderco hole that allows you to easily flip it open with the swoosh of your finger — you know, when you need the blade in the blink of an eye.







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