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On September 24, 2015
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We sift through all the good stuff at Surf Expo so that you don't have to.

Last week, the Gearographer crew ran around all over Florida taking photos, flying drones and meeting rad folks in the Surf/Sup industry. While the trip was productive, we did crash our drone, get a speeding ticket, get a flat tire and a bunch of other terribleness.

But that’s not the point! The point is that we made it out alive and filled our SD cards full of photos of sweet sweet 2016 surf/SUP swag.

Our Favorite SUP: Pulse Sup 12′
What it is:
A new sup company with kick ass graphics designers. They might be the new guys in town, but they’re showin up with lots of style. As graphic designers ourselves, we appreciated the use of modern design into these boards.
Why it matters: Let’s be honest – SUPs are all pretty much the same. Know how I know that? Cuz this chick was doing all sorts of crazy yoga on this SUP and while she could probably do it on another SUP, this one must have been really stable cuz she was doing headstands n shi* on this one.
Tech Specs: Pulse makes traditional, displacement, rec-tech, and softy style boards. All have various methods of foam and epoxy. Most importantly, they’re stable enough to do yoga on them.


Our Favorite Paddle: Torch
What it is:
 A Torch light up paddle.
Why it matters: Think you’re awesome at paddling? Try it at night. It’s a trip, especially on the water.
Tech Specs: Needs 8 AAA batteries which will keep it lit for 40+ hours, comes in 78″ and 72″ models, shoots out 720 lumens, 2 lbs.


Our Favorite Sunglasses: Proof Eyewear
What it is:
Wooden/ Eco-Conscious eyewear
Why it matters: Lookin badass is important but know what’s even more important? Feeling badass. That’s what the eco-conscious shades do; they make you feel awesome because you’re wearing recycled skateboards on your face. Now you can go around “should-ing” on everyone you look at (As in: Hey man, your sunglasses suck. You “should” wear sweet shades like mine.”)
Tech Specs: They’re polarized and for those of us who operate in the water, they float so you can skip the lame buoy thing!


Our Favorite Safety Device: Kingii
What it is:
Kingii inflatable safety device.
Why it matters: Most of my friends don’t have gills. Neither do I. But some of us who push our limits in the water a little too far and find ourselves in trouble. When you’re in a pinch, just flip the switch and boom; a bright orange flotation device is there as your savior. All the fish you float past will be like “damn I wish I had one of those”
Tech Specs: The smallest, lightest inflatable safety device on the market. Comes with a compass, whistle, a wrist clasp, and is reusable. Just pop in a CO2 cartridge and you’re good to go.

_DSC0636 (1)

Our Favorite Skate-ish Board: The Ripsurf
What it is:
Ripsurf a Ripstick that’s designed with surfers in mind.
Why it matters:  This little guy moves a little faster than a Ripstick and the stance is set back and bit so it feels more like a surf board.
Tech Specs: The wheel base is closer together, allowing a better surf-stance. Releases in Q4 this year at the $99 range.


Our Other Favorite Skate-ish Board: E-Go
What it is:
 The lightest electric skateboard on the market
Why it matters: When you’re not riding, an electric skateboard becomes a really heavy and useless. Battery life is the same as leading competitors – just lighter.
Tech Specs: 30 km range on one charge, 13lbs, 3 hour ride time, 3-5 hour charge time. Lithium ion battery (so you know the battery will last awhile).


Our Favorite Accessory: La Siesta South American Hammock
What it is:
 A hammock that’s way more comfortable than those silky parachute hammocks. These things are meant to be slept in – comfortably.
Why it matters: Being comfortable is awesome. These are comfortable. Those parachute hammocks, while they have their place, are not as comfortable.
Tech Specs: Avoid being broke-back mountain in the morning! This hammock allows your body to be almost completely flat. 100% cotton, approximately 13 ft long by 8 ft wide.


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