PGA: The Freshest Gear on the Course

Popticals Sunglasses

Release: Spring 2016

MSRP: $169

Popticals are the coolest little sunglasses. These small but sturdy little guys fold  up so they can fit in the palm of your hand. They have great polarized Zeiss lenses that slide together during storage. I was surprised by how light they are as well. I am generally pretty skeptical with folding glasses, but these are put together well and slide apart smoothly. The case comes with a carabiner allowing you to attach it anywhere. I have lost 4 pairs of sunglasses in the past 2 years, but I plan on fixing that by attaching them to my keys! (Hopefully that won’t cause me to lose my keys as well.)



Stance Links Socks

Release: Spring 2016

MSRP: $14-$20 

These are incredibly comfortable socks. They have more designs than I believe even they can count, and everyone who’s anyone has a pair (or 10).  This is compression version of their classic sock. If you like well-designed socks then look no further, these guys have so many. Also, if you want some great entertainment please check out sock wars on Instagram.



XXIO9: Driver

I sat and listened to a guy talk about all of the details of this club for about a half hour. He had a pretty decent swing, but what sold me was his 280+ yard drive. Now this guy wasn’t a pro (at least not to my knowledge), but he was wrecking these balls. Apparently this XXIO (zek-si-oh) club has been intricately measured and perfected using a team of supercomputers to analyze every aspect of the swing. It has a graphite shaft, which is the same material used in aircraft, launch vehicles, and next-generation aerospace applications. The center of gravity is closer to the club and is so well balanced that you should under no circumstances get your grips changed or customize the club in any way. Do yourself a solid and go find a TopGolf, grab a brewski, test one of these puppies out yourself, and watch your drive distance increase at lease 20-30 yards.



KLVN Golf Bag: Carbon Electric Blue

MSRP: $389

Release: May 2016

This is the Optimus Prime of golf bags. It may be hard to tell by the photograph, but this is just one bag. The rear portion pops out as a sort of greens travel bag. When you hop out of the cart and stroll to the green, bring 4 or 5 clubs and celebratory beer, you know, just in case. It is slightly heavier than most bags, but if you are like me and plan to put it in the cart most of the time, you probably won’t tell the difference. If Q from James Bond were to design a bag, I would put money on it that this is how it would turn out.

klvn bag


1st Tee Nutrition bar

MSRP: 23.99 for a dozen

These little bars are tasty. I don’t think I would have survived PGA had I not stopped by this booth and grabbed a couple. It wasn’t until about an hour into my trek around the show that I realized these bars actually have some “anti-anxiety” properties. At first I thought, “why am I so relaxed right now?” Then I read the little sheet that the lady gave me and realized that it was the bar that was making me mellow out. Each bar has a little bit of chamomile, valerian root, and hops to give you that relaxing boost you need to calmly power through those typical 1st tee disasters.

1st tee bar

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