Surf Expo Winter 2016: Our Favorite Gear

Proof Aluminum Collection

MSRP $110-$120

Mid Feb 2016 release

Continuing with their line of sustainable sunglasses, Proof has ingeniously developed these recycled aluminum pieces of eyewear. They are polarized and have wood integrated into the arms. They claim to be infinitely recyclable, so if they begin to fall apart, send them back and Proof can totally recycle them into a new pair.

proof SE 2016


Only Recently Available

MSRP: $65

This little guy changes the ocean game in so many ways. You wear it on your ankle and it projects a magnetic field that scares away sharks! It works so well that the team at Sharkbanz attached bait to the foot of a dummy and one of these bad boys to the other foot. There were about 20+ sharks eying that bait and not one of them got closer than a couple of feet from the dummy. This is truly a revolutionary product that is going to change the way people play in the ocean.


Qalo Silicon Rings

Currently Available

MSRP: $15.99-$19.99

These little guys act as a replacement for your wedding band. They are comfortable, easy to slip on and soft. For anyone out there that is constantly using your hands, you will love this ring as it stays out of the way. It is also great for hunters and anyone going into the ocean. They say many barracuda attacks happen because they saw the reflection off of a knife or ring, so wear this one just to be safe.

ring se2016

Ricky Carrol Customized the Force Awakens surf board

MSRP: Priceless

These boards are not only kick-ass looking, but they are great for shredding waves. This one had to take our best of show for boards because who doesn’t love Star Wars? Josh Dirocco is here live painting this board and it is awesome. Those sharks are going to feel the force when you awaken this beast in a kick-ass barrel.

surf board SE2016


Hippy Tree: Heron Jacket

Releases Q3 2016

MSRP: $120

This is a light wind/rain proof jacket made from a technical nylon material. As you can see from the photo below, it is lined with a light plaid material. It is incredibly comfortable and perfect for hiking during spring days in the mountains. I was a huge fan because it looks great, it is light and, at $120, is a great price for the level of quality you are getting.

hippy tree heron jacket

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