Ask Gearographer: Phone Cases

Dear Gearographer,

I need a good case for my new cell phone because I will be using it at the swim-up bar on my next beach vacation. There are some that claim to be water tight and some say waterproof. What is the difference?

–Caseless in Cleveland


Dear Caseless,

Why the heck do you need your phone at the swim-up bar? We here at Gearographer have spent hours at swim-up bars and see no reason for phones: who cares what time it is, who wants pictures of fat old drunk guys in swim trunks, and what would you need a phone for on vacation anyway?

Anyway, watertight means water won’t get into it if it gets wet, but it doesn’t mean you can drop it in the pool. Waterproof should be safe to drop in the pool, and trust us, if you take it, you will drop it in the pool.


PS: that bit about pool water turning dark blue when someone pees is a myth. We here at Gearographer have done it ourselves—spent hours at the pool bar, not peed in it, of course—and have never seen that happen.

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