10 Rugged and Portable Bluetooth Speakers for Your Next Outdoor Adventure

rugged portable bluetooth

Pump out the jams at your next pool party or bring the noise along with you wherever you go. While there are plenty of speakers to choose from, some are better than others and many are made for a specific intention. To help you find the one that’s right for you, here are 10 portable speakers to provide the soundtrack for your next outdoor adventure:


UE Boom – $199.991The UE Boom provides big sound with its 360® of noise amplification, making for some insanely good sound. With a versatile design that lets you sit it up, set it down, and throw a little bit of life at it, the UE Boom is good to go just about anywhere, and with a deep bass that resonates, you’ll be sure to know where your music is coming from.


Bose Soundlink® Mini Bluetooth® Speaker II – $199.952It’s hard to have an article about Bluetooth speakers and not mention something from the Bose product line, particularly the Mini Soundlink, which not only delivers big sound, but is easily transported from one party to the other. Whatever you use this speaker for, despite its miniature stature, know that you will be getting some of the best sound available from any size speaker.


ECOXGEAR ECOXBT – $129.993The ECOXBT from ECOXGEAR is a rugged, waterproof speaker that can be transferred from backpack to poolside with the flip of a clip, and if you drop it in the deep-end? No worries, because this fully-functional speaker floats in the water, making this device your next best pool accessory besides your noodle. Light and rugged, this speaker is run by a built-in rechargeable battery that holds a charge for 10 hours (enough time to master the gainer on the diving board).


G-Project G-Drop – $50.004With this lightweight and affordable Bluetooth speaker, you can have your jams at your side literally anywhere you go because this little speaker has a waterproof rating of IPX7, making it completely submersible under water. So whether you bring it up the side of the cliff, or with you as you jump off and into the water, you can have the tunes needed to pump you up the entire way.


FRESHeTech All-Terrain Sound – $59.955This unique sound system has a built-in clip on the base, making this an easy speaker to take with you for any adventure. Float it in the water, drop it on the ground, bump up the 3 watts of big sound, do whatever you want with the FRESHeTech All-Terrain Sound, that’s what it was made for.


Eton Rugged Ruckus Solar Powered Speaker – $99.956It’s not certain why solar panels haven’t been incorporated into Bluetooth speakers before, but the Eton Rugged Ruckus is a good example of creative innovation gone right. With the built-in solar panel on this six-inch device, not only can you rock out to your favorite music all day long, but with an adapter cable you can even charge your smartphone.


Pyle PWPBT30BK – $44.957Offering just about everything you want from a Bluetooth speaker, the Pyle PWPBT30BK includes not only big sound, but also features a Micro SD Card reader, flashlight, FM radio, and wireless mic to make some phone calls. On top of all that, this Bluetooth speaker can also handle your next splash fight with its waterproof capabilities.


Boom Movement Swimmer – $59.998With the unique sight and sound of the Boom Movement Swimmer speaker, you can loop it, set it, or stick it wherever the party is at. Looking like a futuristic tadpole with a rechargeable lithium battery, this speaker is dust and shock proof, as well as waterproof with a rating of IPX7 (submergible), making the Movement Swimmer a perfect addition for your outdoor gear cabinet.


Monster Superstar™ Backfloat™ – $149.959Unleash the beast with the Monster Superstar Backfloat and enjoy your jams wherever you go. This speaker is one of the most rugged in the industry, and also has one of the most diverse sound amplifiers, making sure that you can bring your music just about anywhere (including floating in the pool), as well as providing the best sound.


Outdoor Technology Big Turtle Shell 2.0 – $99.9510Taking a design cue from nature’s own, Outdoor Technology’s Big Turtle Shell 2.0 provides great protection and a unique design that won’t sneak off on you anywhere fast. Coming in at 96 decibels, this waterproof speaker is louder than a bear’s roar (90 decibels), and with a bike mount accessory, you can have your cruising tunes with you while on your cruiser, making this the next item to make your friends jealous.

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