10 Sleeping Pads to Meet All Your Camping Needs

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Whether your camping out of the back of your truck or the closest trailhead is 30 miles away, nothing beats a good night’s sleep. And getting a great night’s sleep is all about how you get off the ground. Sleeping pads come in all shapes and sizes (although the rectangle seems to be most prevalent), but more importantly different sleeping pads are better for specific camping situations. And whether you are looking for the lightest sleeping pad to stuff in your pack, or you are leaning towards the luxurious and want a sleeping pad that rivals your home mattress, there is something out there for you. And to help you distinguish between the different kinds of sleep, here are 10 sleeping pads for all your camping needs:


Nemo Equipment Cosmo Insulated 20R Sleeping Pad1Featuring a tiny pack size (8.5 x 5 cm diameter), and a low weight of 1 lb. 14 oz., the Cosmo Insulated 20R Sleeping Pad is a great addition to any backcountry outfit. With the integrated foot pump built into this sleeping pad, save your lungs the trouble of blowing up your bed all night, and with Nemo Equipment’s Airlock Elite™ superlight airtight fabric surrounding the pad, you’ll never have to worry about the extra ounces or pesky flats while sleeping the night away.


Klymit Inertia X Frame2gPerhaps one of the most innovate, if not interesting designs on the market, the Inertia X Frame from Kylmit has literally trimmed the fat off of the traditional sleeping pad. Featuring fabric only where you need it, Klymit has accomplished an award-winning, barebones inflatable sleeping pad that weighs merely 9 oz. and can be packed down to the size of a can of Coke.


Therm-a-Rest Z Lite Sol3For the ultralight elite, the classic Z Lite Sol from Therma-a-Rest is closed-cell foam mattress that provides probably the lightest sleeping pad option on the market. 10 oz. is all you need to carry when packing the Z Lite Sol, though for those who like a little separation from the ground, what you lose in weight you trade in for possible comfort, with the Z Lite Sol keeping your body only centimeters off the ground.


Big Agnes Double Z4For those comfort seekers who are tired of rolling of the sleeping pad at night, the Big Agnes Double Z has internal stabilizing construction which keeps your body centered on the mat. The Double Z self inflates to provide 4 inches of loft, and easily deflates to come back down to a small pack size, making this for one of the best weight/loft ratios in the market.


Sea to Summit Comfort Plus Mat5With a pack weight of 21 oz. and a slim 4 x 6 in. size when compressed, the Sea to Summit Comfort Plus Mat is one of the most compact sleeping pads on the market, but thanks to their patented air sprung cell design, just because you go light doesn’t mean you have to skip out on comfort. Comparable to a coil spring mattress, the Comfort Plus regular size mat has 548 individual air sprung cells that micro adjust to every move you make, ensuring all your comfort points are taken care of.


Therm-a-Rest MondoKing6With an XXL size available for the Therm-a-Rest MondoKing, including 80 inches of length and 4 inches of loft, it’s easy to say this isn’t the choice for ultralight backpacking needs. But what it is the choice for is ultimate comfort camping, and with a reasonable pack size, it’s the perfect mat to take on your next car camping adventure or trip to the in-laws. Just be warned though, after spending a night with the MondoKing sleeping pad you might not ever feel as comfortable in your own bed ever again.


Big Agnes Saddleback Bedroll7The perfect way to add a layer of luxury to your current sleep system, the Big Agnes Saddleback Bedroll isn’t a sleeping pad, but more a sleeping pad accessory. You put sheets on your bed right? Why not add one to your sleeping pad? Not only a good way to keep your gear clean, but the Saddleback Bedroll also includes heat reflecting material which adds warmth and comfort to your existing sleep system.


Klymit Static V Luxe8Reminiscent of your bed at home, the Static V Luxe finds the perfect balance of backcountry comfort and lightweight necessity. Extra wide, long, and plush, the Static V Luxe includes a V chamber baffling design which supports all sides of your body, and with a 30 inch width, you’ll never have to worry about rolling off this lightweight, ultra-comfortable sleeping pad.


Therm-a-Rest EvoLite Plus9For those backcountry campers who want to move light but not skip out on the comfort, the Therm-a-Rest EvoLite Plus is a staple product from a company that has a long history of creating great sleeping pads. Coming in at 1 lb. 4 oz., and with a loft of 2.5 inches, alongside Therm-a-Rest’s patent pending AirFrame™ design and ThermaCapture™ technology, the EvoLite   Plus has good potential to be your next favorite piece of camping gear.


Exped Downmat 910Touted as the world’s most durable 4-season sleeping pad, it’s all thanks to the Exped Downmat’s unique design that makes this for a ruggedly comfortable sleeping pad option. Each vertical baffle within the sleeping pad acts as an individual unit and is stress protected from getting punctured. That means if you do somehow find a way to pop your sleeping pad, only one baffle needs to be replaced/repaired at a time, making for an easy fix no matter what campsite you take this comfort king out to.

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