7 Cool Gadgets You Can Buy Today

Bear Lake, ColoradoThe world is full of so many wonders these days. These may not be earth-shattering nor earth-altering gadgets, but they sure are cool.

Bicycle Powered USB Charger
I don’t know how many times I’ve been riding my bike and thought, wow, I could be charging my phone right now. Well, now you can with the Tigra BikeCharge Dynamo & Bicycle USB Charger. For only $119 you can get this charger that mounts on your front axle and uses your pedal power to charge just about any device. This unit includes an integrated USB port, a powerful battery and front and rear LED lights with 3 lighting modes. They claim it’s quiet, virtually drag free and compatible with any USB chargeable device.

This bicycle seat allows you to lock up your bike without carrying a cumbersome lock around with you. Your seat detaches and becomes the lock. It claims it can be detached and used as a lock in 30 seconds or less. Not only does it protect your bike, but it prevents your seat from getting stolen, which I guess is a bigger problem than I imagined. Three points on the saddle or seat act like shocks making for a comfortable ride. It has been tested on more than 10,000 rides to ensure durability. The Seaty lock is in a pre-order stage right now at $99 and is expected to retail for $129.

Pink Cadillac Wall Grill
How many times have you thought, man an automobile grille would look great on my wall? Okay maybe you haven’t thought that but now is the time to consider it. Officially named the Sunbelt Gifts Elvis Resin Pink Cadillac 3D Front Wall Storage Shelf System with Lights, this awkwardly named but really cool puppy will liven up any man cave big time.

Trident Underwater Drone
Now in the interest of full disclosure, this unit has just ended a Kickstarter campaign on Oct. 30, and is not currently on sale. What a Kickstarter campaign they ran though. They requested $50,000 to get started and as of three days before the end of the campaign, had raised more than $740,000. This underwater drone combines the versatility and control of an ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) and the efficiency of an AUV (Autonomous Underwater Vehicle) while also having the ability to send a video feed back up to you. For a pledge of $1199 or more you could have been one of first to receive a Trident as an early sponsor. This product will be on the market shortly.

Vichy Shower System

Now I do know how many times I’ve thought, man I sure wish I could lay down while I shower. I don’t know the exact number of times, but it’s in the hundreds if not thousands. The Hydrowood7 runs about $29,600 and is a stunning hand-crafted Acacia Cedar table with seven individually controlled shower heads that swing over the table and flow down on your prone body. With a variety of settings, this swing away rainbar on a gorgeous wooden table will step up the luxury factor during your personal hygiene routine big time.

Coca Cola Slushy Maker
We all loved Icees when we were kids, and now you too can have your own slushy machine right at home for only $52.96. A little tip here, this would look great in your man-cave on the bar right under your Pink Cadillac wall mounted front grill. You just fill the pre-frozen container with whatever sugar-based beverage you desire, turn it on and let it churn. You will soon have 16 ounces of slushy heaven right in your hand. It’s easy to use and easy to clean, at least that’s what they say, but if you’ve ever had to clean up spilled coke, you may disagree with that last claim.

Electric Skateboard
For the very reasonable price of $1499 you will never need to push off on your board again. These folks have taken a loaded long board and powered it with a lithium battery, powerful motors, brakes and a wireless control to send you riding all over town with no effort at all. They say you can ride up to 7 miles on a single charge and hit up to 22 miles per hour. Not sure how that translates to the skate-park but it will sure get you there and back with ease.

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