43 Trending Outdoor Brands in The Northeast

The Northeast is home to beautiful architecture, American tradition, and chic innovation. More importantly, their access to the Appalachian Mountains and the Atlantic makes it perfect breeding grounds for outdoor activities of all types. Here are some of the brands that are trending now in the thriving outdoor industry of the Northeast.

GCI Outdoors- Higganum, Connecticut

GCI Outdoors makes sure to ask life’s most pressing questions. Their favorite question is: “why isn’t there a chair for this?” That question was answered with the creation of the Everywhere Chair®, the patented hillside adjustable chair. Over time, GCI Outdoor grew with innovative product designs and unsurpassed customer service. Whatever your on-the-go chair needs may be, GCI Outdoors has got you covered.


Stanley- New Britain, Connecticut

Stanley makes Connecticut proud with products that are ready to get down and dirty at the tailgate or at the campsite. Not only do they make quality thermoses, growlers, and storage, but their website full of recipes helps brand loyalists fill their Stanley products with food and drink perfection.



Vineyard Vines- Stamford, Connecticut

Vineyard Vines is a clothing and accessory retailer founded in 1998 on Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts. Living out the American Dream, brothers Shep and Ian, began crafting t-shirts, ties, and accessories centered around their love for their families and the water.


Rocksolar Technology- Wilmington, Delaware

Rocksolar Tech makes hardcore portable power stations built to bring you power wherever you need it. Rocksolar balances tough design and advanced battery engineering to bring users the highest quality of solar power on the go.



L.L. Bean- Freeport, Maine

L.L. Bean believes in being outside together. Their goal is to design products that make it easier to take longer walks, have deeper talks and never worry about the weather. L.L. Bean provides apparel and footwear with a classy outdoor style and enduring reliability.



Sterling Rope- Biddeford, Maine

Sterling Rope prides themselves on making the highest quality, most innovative static and dynamic rope and cord for decades. Known for their durability and wear-resistance, Sterling Ropes provide tried and true reliable ropes so that you can focus on your climb and never worry about your gear.



Under Armour- Baltimore, Maryland

Under Armour’s vision is to inspire you with performance solutions you never knew you needed and can’t imagine living without. Their athletic gear and products meet you where you are and inspire you to go further.


Bern Unlimited- Plymouth, Massachusetts

Bern Unlimited creates innovative and purpose-built helmets for riders looking for something out of the ordinary. They are the creators of the original all-season helmet brand, living out their dream to help people stay outdoors longer and safer. Whether you ride for transportation, exercise, or just as a great way to get outdoors, Bern has your head covered!


Forsake- Boston, Massachusetts

Forsake designs versatile footwear for the great outside. Their goal is that you are never limited by the gear on your feet and they live this out by designing footwear with all-weather protection, rugged construction, and unique styling.



MTI Adventurewear- Plymouth, Massachusetts

MTI Life Jackets specializes in personal flotation devices for paddlesports – kayak, canoe, stand up paddleboard and sailing. Their goal is to bring comfort, style, and affordability to the world of PFD’s.  MTI products promise to help keep you safe, and they have managed to make a life jacket that you’ll actually want to wear time and time again.



OOFOS- Braintree, Massachusetts

OOFOS designs recovery footwear that will help you recover faster and feel better. Founded on the desire to build comfortable footwear that doesn’t just contrast our sports footwear in comfort, but provides long-term relief. In the outdoors, feet are pretty important, and OOFOS wants to help keep your feet on the move by caring for them as you go.


Saucony- Waltham, Massachusetts

Saucony running gear, footwear, and accessories exists to empower the human spirit, with every stride, on every run, and in every community. While their products support your soles, their initiatives, stories, and programs support your soul.


Thermacell- Bedford, Massachusetts

Thermacell provides zone mosquito protection that keeps mosquitoes up to 15 ft away, stopping them before they can bother or bite you. Their technology eliminates the need for messy lotions or sprays, so you and your family are free to enjoy the outdoors, without worrying about mosquitoes or the harm they may cause.


Vibram- Brookline, Massachusetts

Vibram is best known for their classic Fivefingers footwear, offering gloves for your feet that have revolutionized the concept of walking “barefoot”. In all of their footwear, Vibram seeks to create a product that is the best in the field for offering originality, support, functionality, and grip.



Adventure Medical Kits- Littleton, New Hampshire

As their name suggests, Adventure Medical Kits build first aid kits and products that make all the difference between adventure fulfilled and a trip cut short. AMKs provide innovative, high-quality first aid and preparedness products for work, home, and your next adventure.



Life is Good- Hudson, New Hampshire

Whereas most brands are driven by the need for good gear, Life is Good’s biggest and boldest mission is to spread the power of optimism. The company was started in one van by two brothers and the three simple words that have become a nation-wide icon for encouraging and comfortable apparel.


Minus33 Merino- Ashland, New Hampshire

Minus33 wants everyone to feel welcome, comfortable, and safe in the outdoors no matter the activity. Their base layers, underwear, and accessories are made with 100% wool and created by a team passionate about the innovative technology that guarantees your warmth in the woods.



NEMO Equipment- Dover, New Hampshire

NEMO is founded on a commitment to adventure: to the fearless pursuit of uncharted paths, in everything from the equipment we build to the way we run their business. Their tents, sleeping bags and pads, and camping accessories are built with intense love and knowledge of the outdoors and the features your gear needs to compete with the wilderness.


Timberland- Stratham, New Hampshire

Inspired by their New England Roots and the outdoor lifestyle- Timberland creates boots and footwear that can keep up with your lifestyle. Famous for their iconic yellow workboots, their style is rivaled only by their promise of functionality.



Hyper Bicycles- Malaga, New Jersey

Hyper Bike Co designs pretty much every type of bike you see cruising the streets today. Whether you are an amateur biker or more interested in the pro side; Hyper is passionate about uniting all bikers and creating a product that keeps you riding as long as possible.



Kiss My Face- Caldwell, New Jersey

Kiss My Face creates beauty products with as many natural ingredients as possible. They believe that nature makes the best products, and the result is a line of lotions, soaps, and every beauty product you can dream of with luxurious textures, effective ingredients, and only causing good for the world around them.


Princeton Tec- Trenton, New Jersey

Princeton Tec likes to push the limits of possibility with reliable, durable lights that shine bright in every situation. Their USA made company began by creating durable and reliable lights for diving and has since grown to create and design mobile, high powered lighting perfect for tactical situations or for everyday adventure.


AfterShokz- Syracuse, New York

AfterShokz has taken headphones to the next level with innovative technology that delivers high-quality sound without limiting your situational awareness. Tiny vibrations are transferred from your cheekbones straight to your inner ears without the need to cover or plug your ears. We’re not sure how it works, but we are certain that AfterShokz is taking technology on-the-go in incredible ways we could never have dreamed of.


Arctix- Locust Valley, New York

Arctix specialized in winter products for snow sports, utility and everyday wear. Wherever you find yourself, Arctix keeps you warmer, drier, happier, longer.




BioLite- Brooklynn, New York

Founded on the mission to bring essential energy to everyone in the world, BioLite has created a product that is able to fulfill a basic need for communities in need as well as serving the outdoor communities with more advanced, more reliable lights, stoves, and solar power.



Free Country

Free Country operated from the mission to make the outdoors accessible to everyone. They figured that if they made quality lifestyle apparel that combined fashion with function at a great price, people would be inspired to do their own thing. With jackets and outerwear guaranteed to keep you warm and apparel and swimwear for the everyday, Free Country opens a door to the outdoors for everyone.


Leki USA- Buffalo, New York

Leki is the ultimate expert on all things poles. Anywhere from skiing to running to hiking, if it’s in the outdoors and requires a specialized pole: Leki’s got you covered. Their products are made with innovative strong and light technology, offering more functionality than a traditional pole.



Nalgene- Rochester, New York

Nalgene is the original BPA free reusable water bottle company that designs their water bottles and containers to suit your personal preferences, needs, and lifestyle. So whether you’re looking for a virtually indestructible water bottle for a backcountry adventure, or you want a clean, green way of storing your dry pasta, Nalgene gets the job done right.


Ontario Knife- Naples, New York

The Ontario Knife company designs everything from kitchen cutlery to survival equipment and medical tools. They have been in the knife game for over 100 years, and their knowledge of the craft results in products that are sleek, functional, and perfected by time.


Sea Eagle Boats- Port Jefferson, New York

Sea Eagle Boats is a family-owned company who have designed inflatable boats, boards, kayaks, and canoes for over 50 years. They continue to create and build new and innovative products that further the realities of where inflatable boats can take you. Sea Eagle Boats make one-of-a-kind gear and they have a whole heck-of-a-lot of fun doing it.


SPRIGS- Briarcliff, New York

Sprigs is a lightweight armband built for a heavy-duty workout. They like to invest in creative dreams and good items and the result is a line of products that uniquely meet the needs of people on their daily adventures.



S’well Bottle- Manhattan, New York

While other companies made reusable water bottles popular, S’well has made them a fashion statement with incredibly fun and chic patterns across their line of food and drinkware. The founders of S’well believed that if they made a crave-worthy bottle that combined fashion with function, people would stop buying disposable bottles and they could reduce single-use plastic consumption worldwide. We believe that their bottles have achieved just that.


Tentree- New York, New York

A company founded primarily on a love for trees, Tentree creates sustainable clothing aimed at using the apparel industry as a vehicle for creating a positive environmental change. As their name implies, for every item purchased, ten trees are planted, making their already cool and hip products even more appealing.


Fuji Bikes- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

There are a lot of good bikes out there, but Fuji believes they build the best bike simply because Fuji has more fun. They have been building bikes for over 100 years, and the quality of their mountain, road, city, and electric bikes prove that they’ve learned a few things over the years. Their bikes are tried and true and guaranteed to be a good old-fashioned fun time.


Peppers Polarized Eyewear- Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

From coast to coast, Peppers Polarized Sunglasses creates the sunglasses that beach bums want, but with the protection they need. By catering to every style, Pepper’s takes the functionality of polarized eyewear and makes it attractive to every eye.



VARGO- Lewisburg, Pennsylvania

From small beginnings come great things. Vargo started as a seed planted in an adventurer’s mind turned into a company that creates, innovates, and delivers lightweight, durable, and cutting-edge gear for outdoor enthusiasts around the world.



Woolrich- Woolrich, Pennsylvania

The traditional warmth and practicality of wool is hard to beat. Especially when Woolrich takes the age-old tradition of a wool sweater and puts a new-age twist on it. Woolrich backs up your fashion statement with their own, promising the same quality they were founded on, and the same sense of style that makes the world fall in love with their products year after year.


Case Knives- Bradford, Pennsylvania

For over 130 years, Case knives have earned their places in the pockets of the farmers, fishermen, hunters, ropers, and bankers. Every detail of a Case knife has been carefully crafted to serve years of daily use and to be passed down to future generations.



Kenyon Consumer Products- West Kingston, Rhode Island

Kenyon specialized in thermal base layers and flame resistant products. Their camping gear, military gear, and accessories are all made with the same integrity and strength.  Kenyon focuses on products that are American made, affordable, and perform right every time.


Darn Tough- Northfield, Vermont

Darn Tough makes the most comfortable, durable, and best fitting socks that you have ever owned. And if you disagree, they are willing to prove you wrong. Darn Tough knows that the success of the adventure comes down to the nitty-gritty details, so they have perfected the protection of your biggest adventuring asset.


Gordini USA-Essex Junction, VT

Gordini sells gloves, mittens, and goggles for outdoor sports that require constant participation with the cold of Winter. Their products keep you warm season after season, and just to make sure, the team at Gordini constantly test their products on the slopes of Mount Mansfield.


Louis Garneau USA- Derby, Vermont

Garneau makes comfortable athletic gear to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Louis Garneau, a Canadian Olympic cyclist, started the company by creating clothing to specifically bring comfort and originality to athletes at amazing prices. Today Garneau continues to meet the needs of cyclers at every turn.


Turtle Fur- Morrisville, Vermont

All too familiar with cold weather, Turtle fur seeks to create the best headwear and outdoor gear you can buy. Their hats, buffs, and accessories are made of quality and comfort and made to inspire creativity and community. Turtle Fur has made being happy outside easier since 1982.



Contributions made by Jaslyn.




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