4 Airguns We’re Looking Forward to Seeing in 2022

A few years ago, GAMO, a Spanish air gun company, started a revolution by introducing the break-barrel rodent-removing airgun to the United States. American homeowners could now plink pesky rodents, legally, in their own backyards. Since then, air gun technology has exploded and my personal prediction is that airguns will be the future of guns.

Not only are they quieter, they’re cleaner, they have less recoil and there’s no shell casing leaving less of a trace. In many municipalities including my own in Rogers, Arkansas, it’s completely legal to shoot my Gamo Swarm at squirrels on my property, in the middle of city limits. Of course it’s never ok to shoot at an animal without a back drop, it’s still pretty amazing that I can fire a .22 caliber 1300 FPS weapon in the middle of city limits. And the rodent remover guns are just the beginning – here are some other break barrel and PCP air guns that I’m looking forward to getting my hands on in 2022.


Air Force Texan Big Bore Air Rifle – $1084.95

This rifle sets the stage for what is to come from in the air rifle market. The Air Force Texan has the ability to shoot .50 caliber projectiles over 1000 fps and generates energy levels over 650 foot-pounds making the Texan the world’s most powerful production air rifle that you can get.

Available in .257, .308, .357 .457 or .510 Caliber Lothar Walther Barrel

They recently added the .357 and .308 calibers which provides for more flexibility for hunting predators, varmints, and other small/medium sized game.

For more info: https://www.airforceairguns.com/The-Texan-by-AirForce-Airguns-s/118.htm



Verminator MKII –

Per the name, the Verminator comes as advertised. This is a small, compact rifle that makes quick work of those annoying pests that tend to hang around the house. With a small stature and a 400-cc air cylinder, the Verminator does everything but disappoint. In fact, it boasts a multitude of high quality features making it a capable ally to have:

  • Large shot-count
  • Three-step power adjuster
  • Match grade barrel and an adjustable trigger
  • Adjustable stock

For more info: https://fxairguns.com/rifles/the-werminator/



Air Venturi AV-46M Match Air Pistol – Starts at $549.99


Id like to say that I dabble in the competition side of shooting and if you do as well this could be a very capable pistol.  This air pistol has many of the features that the competitive shooter is looking for in a match pistol including:

  • fully-adjustable 2-stage trigger with adjustable length of the 1st and 2nd stage pull
  • Has the ability to be dry fired (Users can utilize this feature to practice the other shooting skills such as breathing, perfecting grip and trigger control, and follow through without using pellets or having to pump the lever.)
  • Laminate grip offers adjustable palm shelf
  • high-quality target sights (rear sight that fully adjusts for windage and elevation, and a fixed front post sight)

For more info: https://www.pyramydair.com/product/air-venturi-av-46m-match-air-pistol?m=5257#10777



The 1866 by Barra – $75

The 1866

Now for a great rifle that doubles as a great conversation piece with it being the most unique and nostalgic rifle on the list. The 1866 is Barra’s flag ship rifle and is the first multi-pump pneumatic air rifle with pump arm. With a design to exactly resemble a lever action from the legendary cowboy repeaters of the American West it is surely going to put some smiles on peoples faces.

This rifle features:

  • Multiple pump option
    • Can be pumped 1-10 times to reach desired velocity (max is 800 fps)
  • Cast iron pump arm
  • Countless smiles

For more info: https://barraairguns.com/products/barra-1866-cowboy-series-lever-action-multi-pump-bb-and-pellet-air-rifle


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