Review: Icelantic 2017 Sabre 99 Skis


Icelantic is known as arguably Colorado’s most successful new ski company. Their popping graphics and wide- waisted skis can be seen at every mountain these days. What they were thinking with this new Sabre line is the question.

Icelantic usually features big, fat boards with artistic graphics. They claim these as their new front-side groomer type ski. I assume this is meant to be for folks who never stray from the corduroy, hence the “Front-side Groomer” moniker. Unfortunately I was at Copper Mountain which isn’t known for excessive grooming so I didn’t have the best time on these. There was not an abundance of powder on the day I demoed these new skis so I thought I’d give them a spin anyway. The Sabre 99s are way skinnier than the usual Icelantic skis you’ve seen in the stores or in the lift lines. They were squirrely as soon as I moved on them. Maybe it’s because I’m a big guy but they didn’t seem very steady. I skied on a shorter length than usual for me so that should be considered as well. The tips were moving way too much on me and they felt light with not much control. They carved easy as they are lightweight but did not offer much control at all. The 99 mm waist would explain the lack of sturdiness or control as most of us are getting used to wider skis. The ski industry is trying to reintroduce smaller-waisted skis so this may be Icelantic’s journey into those waters though I’m not sure if they have been successful here.

Design and Aestheics
Icelantic is known for their eye-popping works of art on their ski graphics. If that’s what you’re expecting here you will be sorely disappointed. These come in a pretty much plain, flat black design. No artworks or eye-candy as their other products offer. They do come in lengths of 164, 174 and 184 cm. The waist comes in at 99 mm as the name would imply and there is also a Sabre 89 with an even skinnier waist.

It’s hard to judge on this product. If you use it as designed and stay on groomed runs on the front side of a resort then yeah, they should last a long time. If you take them out of their element and pond bumps or bust through crud you may have problems. As I said, I’m a big guy and I could see me busting these up on a black bump run.

I was quoted a MSRP of $749 but that will possibly go down as these have not yet been released. These are scheduled for release in 2016/2017 and the price is usually adjusted before they hit the stores. It seems excessive to me for a ski with limited versatility.

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Michael Ryan

Michael is a full-time musician and freelance writer residing in Morrison, Colorado. He enjoys downhill skiing, traveling and attempting to play golf. He excels in the sport of extreme napping so if you must call, make it after noon.

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