Ask Gearographer: Am I a gearhead and if so, is that bad?

Dear Gearographer,

My girlfriend insists I am a gearhead. I’m not really sure if that’s bad or not but the look on her face tells me it’s not good. To me there is nothing wrong with wanting the best of everything but I certainly want to make her happy and don’t want to overdo anything that bugs her. She has been getting quite angry lately when I bring home the newest gadget and we have been fighting more and more about it. My question is: when taping these outbursts, do you think my GoPro Hero White Edition is sufficient or should I upgrade to the Hero 3+ Black Edition?

Your’s Truly,
Gearhead in Jersey


Dear Gearhead

You really need to get a grip if you want this to last. I can tell by your question that you need to get your priorities straight. Of course the Hero 3+ Black would do a much better job than the White Edition. And you call yourself a gearhead? At 30 frames per second, you’ll get a much better understanding of where she is coming from. There is a medical term for your affliction that I either read about on the internet or maybe just made up, called Acute Gearopathy. There is a cure but it involves a lot of new medical gear, so let me know how that works out.


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