Ask Gearographer: Big Screen TVs

blog-gear-guy1Dear Gearographer
With Black Friday and then the Christmas shopping season coming up, I was wondering is this the best time to buy a big HD Flat-screen TV? I have been wanting one forever and would like to buy when they are the cheapest.

–Cheapie in Chicago


Dear Cheapie

Some experts say you should wait until after Christmas. I’m not sure how you become a “Shopping” expert but I do know my TV; I sure watch enough of it. Big screen TVs seem to be on sale the most right before the Super Bowl. It seems more and more people decide to upgrade right before the big game, especially if their team is in the game and that is when you’ll find the best sales. Conversely, the best time to buy a used big-screen TV is right after the big game. I hear there were amazing deals to be had in Denver last February.



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