Review: A Classic Brain Bucket From Pro-Tec


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On November 20, 2014
Last modified:May 19, 2016


The Pro-Tec Classic FullCut is the perfect helmet to protect your noggin without cramping your style.

If you’re looking for a helmet that has been extensively tested and one that you can trust, look no further. The Pro-Tec Classic FullCut has been being put through its paces for the last 40 years. The FullCut was originally developed for skateboarders before the sport was as huge as it is today. As the sport changed, the FullCut stood the test of time. I recently took it out to California with me to test it for myself. I skated multiple parks and even some street while wearing the FullCut and I was surprised by how comfortable it is. My helmet usually consists of an old hat because I don’t like the way skating helmets feel on my head. That all changed when I tried on the Pro-Tec. I even wore it when we were skating between parks.

Unfortunately, while I was testing this helmet, my head met the ground a few times. Luckily, Pro-Tec knows what they’re doing so there was no damage to either me or the helmet. The outer shell is made of a hard composite material so it will take a beating before it shows any wear. The inner liner is made from two different types of foam. One for high speed impacts and one for low speed impacts. The combination doesn’t only make it safer, it also makes it one of the most comfortable skate helmets I’ve ever worn.

Design and Aesthetics★★★
The design of the Pro-Tec FullCut is such a classic look that it’s hard to miss. When I was skating in California, it definitely turned heads and got people asking questions about it. Unfortunately, the iconic look is just about all the FullCut has going for it in the design department. It is very plain and simple. Which depending on your style, this could be either a positive point or a negative one, it depends on the user.

The Classic FullCut is on the higher end of skate helmets and is therefore priced slightly higher than a regular helmet. Even with a slight price increase from a more “mainstream” helmet, the Pro-Tec is still under 50 bucks. If you really think about it, you’re also getting more helmet when you buy the FullCut because it protects your ears as well as your head. Which if you’ve ever hit your ear/jaw on a ramp or the ground you know how much it hurts. I haven’t done it since I started using this helmet but I’m sure the added protection does its job.



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