Best Bike Racks for Cars

Untitled-1Taking to the trails with your bike is wonderful but as with most things, getting there can be half the battle. Unless you’re rolling in a cube van, chances are your bicycle isn’t going to fit into your car without a struggle or, at the very least, some dismantling. Make things easier on yourself (and on your bike) by investing in a car rack designed to transport your wheels safely and easily. Whether you’re looking for an easy install trunk rack or a more permanent roof carrier, we’ll help you make the best choice for your needs with this guide to car bike racks.

Yakima Highlite 2A few of the Highlite’s best qualities are its weight (less than 20 lbs) and the fact that it’s so easy to install. No tools needed, just adjust the knob onto your hitch and you’re good to go. It also features collapsible bike arms that flatten when not in use, a lever that allows you to tilt the rack for easy rear car access, a full security system, and handy bottle openers (because why not). This is a high quality rack that will serve frequent users well, thanks to it’s ease of use and stellar design.

Softride Trunkster 2The Trunkster is a great choice for those looking to transport their bikes but who don’t plan on doing it all the time. It features a fold-flat design, is easy to install, and fits most types of passenger vehicles. It doesn’t boast a lot of the features that its higher end counterparts offer but for under $100, it’s a great deal and worth having around for those times you need to get your bike from point A to point B with minimal fuss.

Hollywood Racks Sport Rider SEThis heavy duty rack features a platform-style set up designed to carry up to 4 bikes on the back of your car. Cushioned hooks, easy-release levers, adjustable wheel mounts, and anti-rattle technology all amount to a great product that you can feel good about trusting to carry your beloved bike. Its a heavier option, weighing in at 45 lbs, but you know that with the weight comes solid construction and tons of welcome features. A great choice for riders wanting something a little more permanent.

Thule ProRide 591While it may look simple, rest assured that the ProRide is anything but. The only roof mounted rack available with the capacity to carry 44 lbs, this option features an innovative wheel tray that allows for automatic positioning, ensuring that you get it right the first time. In a typical Thule fashion, no detail has been overlooked and this rack is compatible with most (if not all) roof rack systems. As an added bonus, it is compatible with the Thule One Key system, meaning that you can use the same key with all of your Thule products.

Witter ZX404Another heavy hitter, this 4-bike rack is capable of carrying up to 140 lbs of bicycle. It features adjustable wheel holders, integrated reverse lights, and a foot operated tilt rack mechanism which means that you can quickly and easily access the trunk, even with a rack full of bikes. Perfect for serious riders who appreciate the extra safety features.

Saris Bones 2Thanks to its plastic construction, the Bones will never rust. It’s also extremely sturdy, easy to maintain, and holds its own against wear and tear. Its arc design accommodates the majority of bicycle models (step through frames require an adapter), and anti-sway, articulated feet mean that both bike and car are protected against damage. Unlike a lot of its competitors, the Bones fits easily over most spoilers.


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