Review: Bote Drift RealTree Inflatable Paddle Board

116-drift-realtree-specs_159_590xautoFunctionality ★★★
As far as functionality goes, The Drift corners the market. Their inflatable version, weighing in at an ultra-light 26lbs, ensures that you can backpack to secluded mountain lakes or access rivers or ponds that don’t have a beach or boat ramp. The Drift conveniently deflates and can be stored in a mesh pack complete with shoulder straps and hip-belt guaranteeing comfort as you adventure. Primarily for fishing, hunting, and exploration, Bote also offers nifty accessories for this model, including a tackle rack for your rods and coolers, perfect for storing food, beverages, and sitting while you glide.

Design and Aesthetics ★★★
Available in camouflage (the first and only available on the market) and robin’s egg blue (Inflatable), these paddle boards are sporty and sleek. While the die-hard fisherman and hunters might want to opt for the camouflage to float undetected above future catches, those paddling for adventure only may opt for a more colorful model.

Durability ★★★
Much more durable than the fiberglass models, The Drift’s Military Grade PVC can take quite the beating. It should be noted that the fins, while essentially durable, can bend or scratch if they are drug along shallow rocks. This can easily be avoided by maintaining a depth for more than 1 foot for the back of your Bote.

Value ★★★
Retailing at $1,249, this paddle board is certainly an investment but one that requires little up-keep. Far cheaper than a motorized boat but a bit more pricey than your average kayak or canoe, it’s the light-weight design and ability to backpack with this product that makes it well worth the extra cash.


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