BRAND SPOTLIGHT: 8BPLUS – Chalk Bags w/ the Best Personalities


During the middle of last year, I came across these chalk bags on Instagram. They were literally the cutest thing I could ever imagine so of course I had to find out who the company was. Enter 8BPLUS. Needless to say, I fangirled over these guys marketing, branding, design and products for months and still am!

8BPLUS creates climbing gear for sport climbing and bouldering. “Unconventional and imaginative, but always loyal to our roots. 8BPLUS origins from the middle of the Alps in Tirol / Austria, a heritage we carry with pride. Proud just like you, when you close a tough project or pull through that tricky bouldery move for the first time.” With all of their climbing gear being designed and tested by enthusiastic climbers themselves, you can trust that these products are meant to be in the hands of every climber out there.


Chalk Bags & Marketing Personalities
What originally caught my eye were 8BPLUS chalk and boulder bags. I LOVE CUTE THINGS! I also love naming every object that I own. 8BPLUS has managed to create a line of chalk bags that are individual “characters” complete with names and adorable mini backstories for each of them. I immediately fell in love. I tracked down their website and was crying streams when I found out that everything was European and I couldn’t buy anything. So I mini stalked all of their accounts for months fangirling over all of their products and branding. Also, let’s talk about their motto, “Eat More Chalk!” I literally can’t think of anything more perfect for character chalk bags because they literally “eat” your chalk when you put it inside the bag. So perfectly cute and refreshing for a chalk bag company.

Tradeshow Madness
Tradeshow season came around last fall and one of our Gearographer members, Shannon, send me a picture of her with the 8BPLUS team while attending a show. I literally died on the inside. She knew how much I loved these chalk bags and asked which one I would want. Like I don’t think y’all understand when I say freaked. I was running around the entire office yelling at people because of how excited I was. She brought home Pam to me and we bonded instantly.


Functionality (5) 
I firmly believe you can use this bag for not only climbing but other uses as well. When Pam first showed up in the office, I had to show it off, so I hung it from a hook on the wall beside my desk and put my water bottle in it. That way every person that passed me had to stop and ask about it; leading me to fangirled over her to them. I loved bragging about this company to my co-workers and the Gearographer team. When it was time to take Pam out and give her a test run, I wasn’t disappointed. By that point, our local climbing gym actually kept 8BPLUS products in stock there at the gym, but everyone would stop and comment on Pam and ask me if it was a good chalk bag and what not. Of course I raved about it. It not only was cute and made for a good opening discussion for people that I didn’t know, but  I love the sturdy, belt and carabiner that came with Pam giving me control over where she sits on my hips.

Design & Aesthetic (5) 
Obviously I love the design of all their gear, especially the chalk bags. Some climbers asked if there was any part of the design of the character that interfered with the functionality of the chalk bag and I said no way! Pam doesn’t have any features that hang off of the bag, but I would be interested if any of the bags that have extended arms or hair be any different, but I wouldn’t think it would make a difference honestly. I did wash Pam at one point because something sticky got on her and her fur was kind of clumpy afterwards, but it wasn’t that big of a deal. The material that is used on the bag is pretty thick, not to mention doubled up. I don’t have any doubt that this bag will endure intense activity as well as stand the test of time.


Durability (5) 
So far, I haven’t had any issues as far as tearing or anything like that. I’ve had her for around 6 months or so now and she is still in great condition. She’s been hauled around to various locations indoors and outdoors, attached to backpacks and water bottles with the nifty carabiner that comes with her. No complaints so far.

Value (5) 
Pam retails for 26.90 Euros ($28.73 USD) on the 8BPLUS website (and I would just like to point out she’s one of many chalk bags that are sold out). Usually I would look for something a little cheaper, especially after you pay for shipping, but I love these bags so much, I would definitely buy another. The bag itself is the perfect size and weight for me and it’s so fun and brings on so much socialization that I totally think the price is worth it!


Overall, if you haven’t noticed, I love these chalk bags. Everything about them is great. From the design and the thought behind the bags. The material is thick and durable as well as soft and furry. When she isn’t being used at a climbing gym, she sits in the Gearographer office full of chalk for anyone that wants you use the hang board.

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