Review: Rickshaw Zero Messenger Bag

rickshaw_zero_medium_messenger_bag_xpac_red_flippedFunctionality ★★★
The Zero Messenger Bag from Rickshaw is an extremely customizable bag. Everything from the color of the logo to the dividers and pockets inside the bag can be changed according to your personal preference. On top of colors, Rickshaw has many different add-ons that you can have them put on or in the bag when you order it. They offer everything from laptop sleeves that velcro to the inside of the bag to glow strips to attach to the outside of the bag.

Design and Aesthetics ★★★
The design of this bag is completely up to you. If you want something simple or that looks sophisticated, then you can choose from one of their pre-designed bags. But if you want your bag to stand out and get noticed, you can customize your own bag. We opted for this option and we were not disappointed. This bag has a quick adjust system on the shoulder strap that you can adjust with one hand which is extremely helpful if you need to adjust it while you’re on the move or riding your bike.

Durability ★★★
The bag we designed is made out of waterproof X-Pac sailcloth, which is the same thing racing sail boat sails are made out of. It is extremely waterproof and strong. The stitching on this bag looks very solid and I don’t see anything on this bag breaking anytime in the near future.

Value ★★★
For $100 you get a bare basics bag. This seems a bit steep even for a completely customized bag. It is one of the best 100% customizable bags that I have managed to find however, so if your willing to pay for it, you will not be disappointed.not_gear

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