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iPhone 6 Plus Phone Case:
Ranger Rescue

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On February 17, 2017
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Designed to be the only case you'll ever need™ for everyday life and ready for all of your adventures, this fully functional everyday case is the ultimate in protection. It’s designed to be waterproof to 5m (16.4 ft) and to meet military standards for drops up to 2m (6.6 ft) and is made of premium quality materials including impact resistant polycarbonate, a soft-touch rubber bumper, silicone seals and air & water tight acoustic membranes.

Catalyst is where rugged meets style™. This designer case does not compromise on good looks as it's the slimmest waterproof case that maintains the curves of your iPhone and the housing is clear so that you can show off the front and back of your iPhone.


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Waterproof cases are all the rage, because I mean they’re waterproof right?  It all started with Otterbox and then slowly transitioned to Lifeproof in my everyday life. We drop things. It’s a fact of life unfortunately. I personally, like to soak in the bathtub and read books on my iPhone 6 Plus. I’m terrified I’m going to accidentally drop my phone in the water one of these days. The same goes for going out on the lake or kayaking/canoeing out on the river with friends. Nobody likes to shove their phone in a plastic bag. So the search for a waterproof case started. I came across the Catalyst Waterproof phone case and had the opportunity to test it out for a couple of months and see what I think.


Functionality (4.5) ★★★★
At the end of the day, the phone case did everything that I wanted/needed it to do. It was definitely waterproof (I dropped it in numerous puddles, a river and even the toilet once). I tested it before actually putting it on my phone by throwing it into a tub full of water to make sure there was no leaks or anything before testing it out on my phone. Everything on my phone still worked perfectly after putting it on my phone. My only complaint was the buttons to turn the volume up and down were very stiff. I would assume with time and use, they will be easier to press.


Design & Aesthetics (4) ★★★★
The phone case comes in four different colors. I choose the Ranger Rescue one, which was a nice grey color with a splash of orange/red in it. It was definitely me so I’m glad there was a little bit of personality in the case. The case itself wasn’t super bulky, which is what I was anticipating. It was form fitting to my iPhone with the back and front being see-through. Overall everything about the case I was happy with. There was one problem that I had with the front plastic part that goes over the front of your screen. I would have liked it to be a little closer to the screen. (Note: I do not have a protector screen on top of my screen either.) When I would type on my phone, I had to physically press down pretty far to text and sometimes it would stick. This problem was what ultimately made me take the case off of my phone. Until you break the phone case into use, getting the phone open is very difficult as well. I was pretty scared that I was going to snap the phone case in half or rip a fingernail off (and I have no fingernails.)


Durability (5) ★★★★★
I’m a klutz. I drop my phone all the time. Over the course of two months that I had this case on my phone and dropping it numerous of times on both dirt paths, rocks, concrete parking lots, etc. There were no scratches or spots on the phone case and nothing happened to my phone. My co-workers decided to throw my phone at walls with the case on it to test our the durability and everything was fine afterwards. Totally happy with the durability of the phone after two months of use.


Value (5) ★★★★★
The Catalyst Phone Case for the iPhone 6 Plus retails at $74.99 on their website. I’ve gone through a lot of phone cases that were probably double this price and didn’t do nearly as well as this one did or they were big and bulky to get the same features as this phone case.. I think that this is a fair price to pay for the phone case. For the durability and functionality alone I believe it is worth the price.


Overall, I really enjoyed this phone. I could easily shove it in my back pocket or a pocket of my backpack and it felt no different than it normally does. After countless dropping on hard surfaces and water, my phone is safe and in the same shape it was before putting the case on it. With my main problem being the distance of the front protector screen from the front of my phone, I would most likely not keep this on my phone for everyday use, but I will definitely pop it on my phone when I head out on an adventure backpacking/hiking or if I’m going anywhere near water.

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