Brand Spotlight: NAAWK Suncare Products

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Everyone these days seems to be more and more concerned about what they are putting in and onto their bodies. Here at Gearographer, we are constantly surfing the internet, the store shelves at our local drug stores and even online reviews trying to find the best products best for our bodies that ease our minds at the same time. We spend A LOT of time outdoors, so we obviously pay close attention to the kinds of sun protection we use because we want to take care of our bodies as much as we possibly can. Enter NAAWK…

NAAWK strives to bring a certain level of comfort to their customers when it comes to their products. With a large assortment of skin protection products, NAAWK saw a need to get back to basics by “simplifying their formulas and using ingredients people can easily understand and identify.” Personally, we love that NAAWK isn’t afraid to tell you EXACTLY what is in their products and they use common ingredients that we understand and don’t need to do a bunch of research on because they are common everyday ingredients such as coconut oil and beeswax.

We sat down with the super awesome and down-to-earth Cody Belnap, the Digital Marketing Coordinator at NAAWK (he also heads up Partnerships, Events and NAAWK’s Ambassador Program), and chatted about NAAWK’s awesome story, what makes them stand out and we wanted to know what makes their formulas so superior to their direct competitors.

Check out the full interview with Cody below…


NAAWK is such a unique term, does is stand for something?  How would you describe NAAWK in 1-2 words and who would you say are your biggest competitors?
“NAAWK is a Thai word that simply means “out” or “outside”. Which is why we are all about living life off the beaten path. With that said, if I were to describe us in two words it would be Outdoors and Adventure! NAAWK is the best smelling all terrain skin protection there is! Beyond Coastal Suncare would probably be our biggest competitor.”

What is NAAWK’s story?
“In an era where people are becoming more concerned with what they put into and onto their bodies, today’s sunscreen products can leave consumers with a certain level of discomfort. Ingredient listings can be long and difficult to understand, creating a level of uncertainty and doubt as to what they are actually putting on their skin.  In addition, overbearing scents can leave a negative impression on a product that is meant to protect and nourish. We saw a need to create sun care products that get back to the basics by simplifying our formulas and using ingredients people can easily understand and identify. At NAAWK we are the Hikers, Mountain Bikers, Climbers, Mountain Runners, Skiers, and Fly Fishers, etc.  We also wanted to be protected out there off the beaten path.  Proudly made in Salt Lake City, Utah!”

Your slogan is “All Season. All Terrain. Skin Protection.” What does it mean?
“Well, it means exactly what it says. No matter the time of year or the terrain you are in, NAAWK will protect your skin!”


What are your most popular products? What is YOUR favorite product and why?
“Our most popular products hands down are the Original and Berry Lip Protectant as well as our Sunscreen lotions.  They just smell TOO good not to wear all the time! (We totally second this!)

My favorite product is a tie between the Original Lip Protectant and our Aloe Gel with Lidocaine. Whether it is a sunburn or bug bite while camping, our aloe will relieve that irritation almost instantly.  It is always in my tackle box or day pack when I head out into the mountains!”

(We tried out the Aloe Gel on a hiking and it literally saved our sunburned asses at the end of the trip! Definitely worth checking out!)

Why should a customer choose NAAWK over a competitor?
“As soon as you smell NAAWK, you know it is different.  It doesn’t smell like sunscreen at all, but a high-quality lotion.  Because we use natural RAWs as our ingredients, it is great for kids, adults and everyone in between.  Great for the most sensitive of skin.”


The “Adventure EcoPack” is different? Tell us about that please? Why are they special?
“The Adventure EcoPack is truly one of a kind.  It comes in at 2.88oz so it can easily go in a carry on bag or backpack (everyone hates that moment you pack something too big and have to throw it away at security). Plus you can fill it back up with our 6oz Lotion Tube and reuse it over and over again.  Clip it on for a hike or simply onto your purse before the day begins.”

(Personally, we used the included mini carabiner clip and attached it to the outside of our packs and then afterwards we easily stored it in the glovebox in the car for emergency uses if needed (also because sometimes sunscreen easily slips our minds and we forget it). It didn’t take up much room at all!)

What makes your formulas for your sun care products unique/different?
“First off we are very conscientious of and stay on top of current research and trends.  It is our priority to always use safe and effective ingredients.  That’s why we are Oxybenzone and CFC free.  Even our Continuous Spray bottle uses compressed air with a bag on valve system so we do not release harmful aerosols into the environment.”


If you would like to learn more about NAAWK products, you can visit or contact the company at [email protected].

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