Review: Burton Starsha Mittens for Women


Colorful, light-weight, and performance perfect, Burton’s Starsha Mittens are a girl’s best friend on blue-bird days, and can even become your go-to gloves for those sub-0 dead-of-winter days if coupled with a thin liner. Perfect for ski gals sticking to the in-bound runs but who wanna go all over the mountain, these gloves will hold up under wet conditions and protect you from the elements.

Meant for pre-season and spring conditions, these mittens are perfect for lady rippers who desire function and fashion. I’ve worn mine on days where the sun was merciless and not once were my hands sweaty or uncomfortable. On the other hand ( see what I just did there?), these babies perform exceptionally well on 0 degree or powder days if you put a thin liner underneath. So whether you want these as your go-to set of lightweight gloves or you wanna use them all season long, they’re versatile and will meet your needs.

Design and Aesthetics
Touch-screen compatible leather makes taking your lift selfies simple. The water-proof DryRide Ultrashell Two-layer Fabric ensures that snow is wicked away even after falls. Aesthetically, these mittens are the bee’s-knees. Three distinct and funky designs allow for ultimate expression and will jazz up any “blah” ski or boarding ensemble. My choice was the Chrash with its geometric shapes and bold colors. Since my jacket is red and plants are black, this pattern ties everything together and makes me look way more fashionable than I actually am. Be sure to check out their new patterns, including the Foxy Toille with its rust colored accents and its adorable fox pattern.

I’m just on Day 5 of this season but I’ve definitely been putting these babies to the test tossing them around in my ski bag, taking falls, and just generally being a girl who’s pretty tough on her gear. So far, no holes or scratches and the fabric seems to be maintaining its water-tight properties. I’d say these mits are up to the task of at least 3 or 4 seasons, if not more.

Retailing at $54.95, the Starsha’s are a great value for gloves that will last several seasons, perform well and look great. You can also find deals through right now on last season’s design, so check ‘em out if you’re in the market for some functionally fashionable hand gear.

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