Review: Triple Aught Designs Ranger Hoodie


Functionality ★★★
The Ranger Hoodie from Triple Aught Designs is one of the most versatile hoodies on the market. It is designed to be exactly what you need in any situation. The Ranger Hoodie has pit vents to keep you cool when you’re moving around, and is made with Polartec® Wind Pro® fabric that blocks the wind and weather. The Wind Pro® fabric is four times more wind resistant than traditional fleece. This hoodie has the warmth of a heavy jacked without the added weight. A cool feature of the Ranger is that it has more pockets than you will know what to do with. Every time I put this jacket on, I discover at least one new pocket.

Design and Aesthetics ★★★
Design and aesthetics is an area where this hoodie is lacking, although, I believe that this is for a reason. Triple Aught Designs clothing is built to military standards and I’m sure the military doesn’t want any big flashy logos. This is why the Ranger Hoodie is completely blank. Even the Triple Aught Designs logo is attached with velcro and can be easily removed. Although the hoodie doesn’t come with designs, it does come equipped with two velcro areas, one on each sleeve, where you can attach your own patches.

Durability ★★★
The Ranger is constructed with 10.00 oz. weight Polartec® Wind Pro® fabric which is treated with durable water repellent (DWR). This means that the hoodie is very warm and remains dry even in the rain. It is designed to be able to go wherever you need it to. From the hardest mission to the ball park, the Ranger Hoodie has you covered.

Value ★★★
Coming in at almost $240, the Ranger is not a cheap jacket. Especially when you consider that it is just a modified fleece. If you’re looking for a really high quality jacket or your like me and you just really like lots of pockets, then this jacket might be for you, that is if your willing to pay the price for it. If you do decide to pull the trigger on this hoodie, you will not be disappointed.


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