Favorite Footwear from the Office

Skora Phase-XFor those night time runs, Skora makes the Phase-X. The Phase-X is a minimalist running shoe that lights up like a flare when you shine a light at them. If you work all day but still want to get a run in, you most likely either have to go early in the morning or at night which means you have to run in the dark. The Phase-X makes sure this isn’t a problem, everything from the laces to the sole is hyper reflective so you can easily be seen even in the darkest circumstances.

Topo STIf it’s a fast, light running shoe you’re looking for, then look no further than the Topo ST. The ST is Topo’s lightest and most responsive running shoe and it is designed around the human foot so it feels completely natural the first time you put it on. The printed uppers not only cut down on weight, but they also eliminate annoying seams which can cause hot spots and blisters. Our favorite feature of this shoe is how incredibly light it is. When the ST in my hand I can barely feel it and when you put it on your foot, it almost completely disappears.

Astral RasslerIf you prefer more amphibious sports such as kayaking or sailing, you should check out the Astral Rassler. The Rassler is built with water in mind. It drains like a siv and has reinforced areas where wear is most common. The shoe covers the ankle so you don’t have to worry about cutting your ankles on sharp rocks or thorns while hiking to the river. The Stealth rubber on the bottom of the Rassler provides excellent grip even when they’re soaking wet which can make all the difference in a sticky situation.

Freewaters CaptainThe Freewaters Captains are probably one of the most comfortable shoes that have ever been on my feet. You would think that if it was comfortable, you wouldn’t notice it, the Captains change this because they are noticeably comfortable. Instead of developing some sort of high-tech comfortable sole, Freewaters used something that has been tested and is known to be extremely comfortable. A Therm-a-Rest mattress pad. It feels like you’re standing on clouds all day long, and who could argue with that?

OluKai HolomuaWe took a vote in the office and in the sandal┬ácategory, the OluKai Holomua sandal won by a landslide. The Holomua is not only comfortable, it’s also very versatile. You can go from lounging around the house to playing soccer simply by tightening a strap. The foot plate in the center of the shoe makes it more rigid than most sandals which makes it better for walking on rocks or uneven surfaces. OluKai supplies 450 pairs of Holomuas to the Hawaiian Lifeguards every year for use on beaches all around Hawaii. If their good enough for the Hawaiian Lifeguards, I guess they’re good enough for us.

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