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Last month, Great Outdoor Brands of Washington was featured, and this month, not a stone throw away from the borders of the Evergreen State, the great state of Oregon will be featured. It should be no surprise that the Pacific Northwest hosts a lot of outdoor brands, between the heavy rain and the high mountain tops, there is plenty for a nature lover to explore. And Oregon is no exception, with the Three Sisters Wilderness, Mount Hood as a backdrop, and home to both the Oregon Coast Trail and Pacific Crest Trail; Oregon not only provides the environment, but also the gear to go along with it:

clymbThe Clymb – Portland, Oregon
This adventure based business set in the heart of Portland has revolutionized the online sales and browsing for outdoor apparel. That’s because with a free membership, The Clymb offers its customers the best deal on the clothing they need to venture into the wilderness of your choice. And growing from its retail component, this Oregon based business also offers custom adventure packages and a high-quality adventure online periodical featuring some of the best stories and pictures from around the world.

dakineDakine – Hood River, Oregon
Dakine, based out of Hood River, Oregon (located squarely at the base of Mount Hood, go figure), does have a nice selection of gloves, long undies, and jackets, but what Dakine is probably best known for is their awesome selection of quality backpacks. From technical packs for skiing, snowboarding, surfing, biking, skating, and photography; to their Lifestyle and Luggage packs; Dakine has become synonymous with quality and longevity in their gear. And whether you pack up that bag to do a little adventuring in Oregon, or around the world, Dakine has been rated and approved throughout the state of Oregon.      

dannerDanner – Portland, Oregon
Danner has been around since 1932, but probably their biggest claim to fame right now is the Mountain Light Cascade hiking boot which will be featured in the upcoming wilderness blockbuster “Wild”. But besides boots worthy of the Pacific Crest Trail, Danner also specializes in quality footwear for Hunting, Military, and Law Enforcement. And with a guarantee that they will be one of the last boots you’ll ever have to buy, the Danner footprint might begin in Portland, but the world’s the limit as to where it can go next.

keenKeen Footwear – Portland, Oregon
If you have ever put on a pair of Keen Sandals (one of the best closed-toed sandals on the market), such as the Kanyonlands for men, or the Clearwater for women, you’ll understand why boaters, hikers, and everyday enthusiasts love their Keen footwear. And with a product range varying from sandals to hiking boots, from a weekend at the lake to a multi-day trek, with durability to last, this Portland based company helps make this world we live on a little easier to walk.

leathermanLeatherman – Portland, Oregon
Chances are if you have some experience in the outdoors, you also have some experience with Leatherman, the maker of high quality knives and tools. And whether you have found good use with one of their multi-tools, pocket tools, or knives, you understand the longevity of such items. Leatherman’s mission is to improve people’s lives by creating products which prepare them for the expected and unexpected, and they do it all out of their manufacturing base in Portland, Oregon. And if you are ever in the Beaver State, you can tour the Leatherman factory for free.

metoliusMetolius Climbing – Bend, Oregon
Metolius Climbing is the catch-all for all climbing gear (from quickdraws to climbing holds), and this ready to rumble company sharpened its skills in the beautiful Bend, Oregon. And although they’re based out of Bend, you can find their products virtually anywhere they sell climbing gear. Check out their website to see How To Guides, “Beth’s Wall” Blog for helpful tips, and complete Dealer Locations.

nikeNike – World Headquarters: Beaverton, Oregon
What do Carmelo Anthony, Derek Jeter, Tiger Woods, and Michael Jordan all have in common? Well besides their immense wealth, they all have been sponsored by the Oregon business by the name of Nike. Even if you have been living under a rock for the last 30+ years, you are probably familiar with the trademark swoop and catchy taglines. But, not of all the rock dwellers might not know that this global company is headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon just within the Portland Metropolitan area. As if there wasn’t already enough reasons you’d want to work for Nike. 

polerPoler – Portland, Oregon
Poler is a unique and down to earth adventure company, and that helps explain why they fit in so well with their hometown of Portland, Oregon. This company believes that not every adventure you take is a first ascent of an unexplored peak. Instead they recognize the adventure that is everyday life and sell both casual and versatile gear to explore that adventure. And besides their fashionable Outerwear, Sweatshirts and T-Shirts selections, Poler also has awesome items like Napsacks, Ninja Suits, and Rooftop Tents.

ruffwearRuffwear – Bend, Oregon
If there is any evidence that a dog’s life can be great, just let your best friend off its leash and let them roam a space of wilderness. Ruffwear, based out of Bend, Oregon, is in the business of making that happen safely. Carrying literally everything an outdoors dog needs, from Dog Beds to Dog Packs, and not to mention Life Jackets, Toys, and Leashes; this business has everything for your canine companion. And in a state that nearly always comes to the top of this list as dog-friendly, Oregon is the right location for this dog loving company.

snowpeakSnow Peak – Portland, Oregon
Snow Peak, an “Outdoor Lifestyle Creator”, is one company that will not only have you looking good outside those cubicle walls, but will have you ready to face the elements as well. That’s because besides a stylish clothing line, Snow Peak also has some exclusive products like stoves, lights,  tents & tarps, and much more; ensuring that you will be ready for any type of situation you may find yourself in while traveling in Oregon and beyond.

trewTrew Gear LLC – Hood River Oregon
Trew Gear based out Hood River is your one stop shop for all your snowboarding and skiing clothing needs. From hard shell jackets and pants to stylish layering options, Trew has your back (and your front). And with some additional snow accessories, this Oregon local company is sure to make you look your best as your flying down the Mount Hood ski runs. To check out what separates Trew from the rest of the pack, check out their Manufacturing Video.

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