The Best Flashlights to Keep You Safe


Searching for the perfect flashlight can be a pain in the butt, especially if you aren’t looking to spend a fortune. What do you even look for in a flashlight? What’s important to pay attention to when shopping for one? We put together our top ten flashlights from Amazon that users love and won’t break the bank. Halloween is coming up, so consider getting a new flashlight for hitting the streets with your kids and keep them safe.

Maglite 4-Cell D Flashlight – MSRP: $34.00
Hey females (and males)! Have you ever felt unsafe while walking your dog at night? This flashlight is for you! Quality made with weather-resistant seals and anodized inside and out for improved corrosion resistance, the Maglite 4-Cell D Flashlight is heavy duty and can double as a weapon with it’s 14+ inch length. With a powerful projecting beam that can adjust from spot to flood with just a tiny twist of the head and you’ll be good to go! Check out all of the Maglite Flashlights on Amazon or their Official Website.

PeakPlus XML T6 – MSRP: $39.00
The PeakPlus Flashlight includes a zoomable, adjustable focus with an ultra bright LED. It’s water-resistant, anti-abrasive, skid proof and has 5 different light modes. It only weights 5 ounces and comes with a 18650 rechargeable battery. Currently this is $8.80 on Amazon, which is a price that you just can’t beat! Check it out on Amazon now!

OxyLED MD50 – MSRP: $36.99
This light, compact flashlight comes with five different light modes used with a super bright 800 lumens CREE LED light and is zoomable. It’s toughened to withstand any situation (including children parents!) and is safe and water-resistant. Comes with a rechargeable 18650 Li-ion battery or simply use 3 AAA batteries. Right now you can get the OxyLED MD50 for $15.99 on Amazon.

NiteIze SpotLit – MSRP: $7.19
This perfect mini-beacon is perfect to attach to your children and you can see where they are running amok in the dark. Set in a lightweight stainless steel carabiner, it attaches quickly and securely to key rings, jackets, bags, backpacks, etc.  A simple push button creates a glow or flash and a simple lithium battery can run for 20 hours straight. Check them out on NiteIze Official Website or Amazon.

Hausbell T6 – MSRP: $5.99
This super affordable LED flashlight has a practical design with 5 adjustable modes as well as a focus zoom. The voltage for the flashlight is wide (3.6 volts)  so it can be used for hunting, cycling, climbing, etc. Comes with a rechargeable battery or simply use your own AAA batteries. Check it out on Amazon now.

Refun – MSRP: $58.80
This tactical flashlight is energy-efficient despite the high-powered functionality. LED CREE bulbs last more than 100,000 hours and the high-powered taclight can withstand extreme temperatures and is water and shock resistant. It comes with a rechargeable battery or simply use your own AAA batteries. This flashlight is super compact and can fit in your pocket, purse or car glovebox. Check the Refun flashlight out on Amazon and get it for $12.99 now!

Dorcy Incredible Floating Flashlight – MSRP: $10.99
Available in so many fun colors, these are perfect for kids. The waterproof design features 55 lumens of light output, a beam distance of 31 meters and a run time of over 8 hours. Shock absorbing rubber allows for a slip-free grip and safety for others as well as durability. With a built-in tail carabiner clip you can attach the flashlight to bags, belts, backpacks, etc. Not to mention, it floats in water guys! Check out Dorcy’s Official Website or Amazon to learn more.

J5 Tactical V1-Pro Flashlight – MSRP: $29.95
The J5 Tactical Flashlight has a max-output of 300 lumens LED and can produce a beam up to 600 feet. Runs off a single AA battery or a 14500 rechargeable battery (unfortunately not included). Heavy-duty and compact, the flashlight will fit in the palm of your hand. Perfect for hunting and camping, this tactical flashlight is tough as nails. Learn more about the J5 on Amazon and get it for $13.95 today!

Captink Q1 Outdoor Flashlight – MSRP: $48.10
With a sawtooth design for emergency use, this flashlight is also great for self-defense. Water-proof, cold-resistance and resistance to vibration with 5 switch modes using a 700 lumens (max-output) LED light. A safety hammer head design can be used in emergencies to smash in glass when needed. Get it on Amazon for $17.99 today.

Klarus XT11 LED Flashlight – MSRP: $99.95
If you want to splurge a little bit and get a flashlight that’s a little more expensive, the Klarus XT11 is perfect for you! Max output of 820 ANSI Lumens using a CREE XM-L2 LED light. Super lightweight and compact at 4.8 ounces and can run up to 73 hours on low Dual mode. Check it out and learn more about the flashlight on Amazon.

Outlite A100 High Powered Tactical Flashlight – MSRP: $49.99
Ringing in on Amazon at $15.99, this Outlite flashlight can shine a beam up to 600 feet with a spotlight beam or floodlight for a large area. High-efficiency and LED light creates a super bright light. Skid-Proof design and water-resistant makes it perfect for fishing and camping at night. Learn more about this flashlight on Amazon.

Did we miss something? What flashlight do you swear by?

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