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Review of: Damascus Crew
Wool Hiking Socks:
Farm to Feet
$19.00 & $22.50

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On February 15, 2017
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Made from 100% American made goods, these Merino wool hiking socks for women are perfect for everyday use, backpacking, camping or even a day out on the trail with family and friends. With a snug-fit to your foot, these wool socks stretch to fit your feet perfectly with a compression fit on the arch of your foot for an overall great comfort fit and cramp-free hike.


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Farm to Feet is an All-American company with the single goal of creating the world’s best wool socks by exclusively using American materials, manufacturers and workers. Farm to Feet goes a step further by sourcing all of it’s point-of-view displays and packaging domestically-making Farm to Feet 100% American. By using the newest machinery and using leading and innovative product design and development, Farm to Feet creates wool socks for various activities including hiking, backpacking, hunting, fishing, everyday use, snow sports, tactical and equestrian. By having it’s supply chain 100% American, they can ensure the highest quality products and materials for their consumers, while having the lowest possible environmental impact possible.

“Farm to Feet is the right idea at the right time. People aren’t just hungry for American-made goods, they are hungry for American-made quality. Farm to Feet provides both.”


Functionality (5) 
I’m a big fan of day hikes on Saturday afternoons with friends and family. I decided to try out Farm to Feet hiking socks on some of these mini hikes as well as just in everyday life.  First of all, I should note that I have the worst blood circulation in my feet; therefore, they are cold all the time. I slipped on the Damascus ¼ Crew Wool Socks with my nike frees while out on a small hike with friends. I was amazed at how comfortable they were. I typically have to be very picky about my socks because my feet are super boney and narrow. After just a few minutes of walking, the arch of my foot will start cramping which doesn’t lead to a fun hike. These wool socks made all the difference. Comfortable and snug-fitting, these socks were perfect for the entire day. Even when I went to take my shoes off, I didn’t have to wring out sweat that had accumulated.  I tried out the Damascus Crew socks on a more intense hike with my Danner hiking boots. I typically like to wear crew type hiking socks due to blisters and chaffing with the boots. The socks were comfortable and made my feet feel snug inside my boots. No cramping or discomfort and they didn’t smell absolutely horrible afterwards to my surprise.


Design & Aesthetics (4.5) 
Overall, I love the design of both the Damascus ¼ Crew and the Damascus Crew hiking socks. The colors are bright and very welcoming, however I wish they might be just a tad bit thicker but not sure if that would really make a big difference. The compression on the arch of my foot was great and comfortable throughout all of my adventures. The stretchiness of the socks helped with creating a snug-fit on my feet as well as moisture releasing to help with sweat build-up and oder.


Durability (5) 
I’ve been using Farm to Feet Hiking socks for about 2-3 months now and can’t complain at all. The color of them hasn’t faded and they haven’t stretched at all which I sometimes have issues with hiking socks that have arch support in them. Overtime, the arch will stretch and I no longer get that snug compression. No issue with that at all so far. No holes, rips, or tears so far. Overall very happy with the durability of the socks so far.


Value (5) 
The Damascus ¼ Crew retails at $19.00 and the Damascus Crew retails at $22.50 on the Farm to Feet Website. American made goods are typically more expensive than goods made outside of the country, so the price seems fair for me for both pairs of hiking socks. Where I typically don’t like spending this much on 1 pair of socks, if I wanted to make sure I was getting a good pair of hiking socks that were also 100% American made, I would definitely buy more of Farm to Feet socks.

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