Review: Saxx Blacksheep Long John Fly

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Saxx Underwear Co.

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On November 18, 2014
Last modified:May 19, 2016


Saxx's signature articulated front pouch, which separates your manly bits from your body, takes these long underwear to the next level. Ultra-light, ultra-soft, and ultra-comfortable, you'll never want to take the Blacksheep Long John Fly off -- just don't forget to wash them every now and again.

If you’re planning on spending some time in the snow this winter, a good pair of long underwear is an absolute must. Gentlemen, behold the ultimate pair of long underwear. They offer the usual perks of a perfect pair of long johns — soft merino wool, temperature controlling properties, etc. — but they also have something you won’t find in regular long johns. The articulated front pouch means that you can keep everything in its place: no sticking, sweating, or squishing appendages here.

Functionality ★★★★★
Saxx claims to produce to most high performing comfortable products you’ve ever worn — and in this case, they are absolutely correct. The Blacksheep Long John Fly follow your every movement and work hard to keep you comfortable, warm, and dry. But the best part by far is the front junk pocket: tuck your stuff into the front pouch, which is separated by mesh paneling, and you’ll feel like a whole new person. You’ll feel like a whole new person. They’ve thought of pretty much everything: even the elastic band is moisture wicking.

Design and Aesthetics ★★★★
You’ll be challenged to come across a more effectively designed pair of long johns than the Blacksheep Long John Fly. The little touches — the pouch, the panels, the seam placement — go a long way. You’ll basically forget that you’re even wearing long underwear — yet, somehow, they feel better than wearing nothing at all.

Aesthetically, the Blacksheep Long John Fly is quite streamlined and simple — after all, you want your base layer to feel like a second skin. They come in two colors: black and steel (heather grey). They fit true to size, and I’ll just say this: they’re the men’s version of a push up bra.

Durability ★★★★★
The Blacksheep Long John Fly is so comfortable that you’ll want to wear it every day, even when you’re not partaking in mountain-based action sports. The good news is that you can wear them whenever you want without worrying about them wearing down. As long as you wash them in cold water (machine wash is fine) and hang them to dry or machine dry on tumble, they’ll last you a long, long time.

Value ★★★★
They’re not cheap, but once you’ve slipped on a pair of these bad boys, you’ll agree that they’re worth every penny spent. The price is comparable to other high quality base layers, yet the design and technology set the Blacksheep Long John Fly way ahead of the competition.

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