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On May 12, 2015
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For anyone wanting to go camping but dreading the muddy world of tent camping, the Expedition Asym Classic is a perfect starting point. It has a lot of features for the price point, plus it is easily expandable with Hennessy's all-weather accessories and four-season insulation systems.

Growing up, I loved the outdoors, but I hated camping. I enjoyed hiking, cooking by the campfire, setting up camp under the stars, and just roughing it in general. But when it came time to sleep, I was miserable. I hated sleeping in a bag on an air mattress in a tent. I never slept well enough to do anything the second day of the trip. I dreaded the inevitable onslaught of mud and water getting tracked into the supposedly dry tent, seeping in when it rained and getting on all my stuff. The Hennessy Hammock Expedition Asym Classic solves all these problems and is the most comfortable sleep I’ve ever had in a hammock, rain or shine.

Functionality ★★★★★
The Expedition Asym Classic is chock full of features, especially compared to your run-of-the-mill hammock, and as a result it has a bit of a steep learning curve. In addition to the typical tree straps setup, there are two lines coming off both the hammock and the rainfly that need to be staked into the ground.

Also, unlike simpler hammocks like like Kammok or Grand Trunk that have simple integrated hanging solutions, setting up the Hennessy assumes you have at least a basic knowledge of knots (videos are available online, and really some lashing and a couple of half-hitches will do it). It takes a while to learn the ropes (literally) but once you do, setup becomes easy and only takes 10 minutes. With the included snakeskins you can even set everything up in the rain without the interior of the hammock getting wet.

You enter the hammock through a velcro slit in the bottom of the hammock and sleep asymmetrically across the center of the hammock, which gives you more room to spread out and ends up being very comfortable. When you lay down, the pressure from your weight closes the opening magically, and you don’t have to worry about falling out.

The Hennessy has a built in bug net and ridge line and included rainfly, so no matter the conditions you are guaranteed a clean, dry place to sleep. The location of the entrance also means you can stand up into your hammock, using it as a place to dryly change clothes or unpack without having to go out in the rain.

Design and Aesthetic ★★★
The Hennessy is not much to look at, but its not supposed to be. Unlike other hammocks, which have a definite cool factor and a range of color options, the Hennessy is about keeping you dry, and only comes in a flat green-gray. The included stuff sack isn’t much to look at, either, with white lettering plastering the back with instructions for setting up camp.

Durability ★★★★★
The Hennessy is built to last. In the handful of times I’ve camped in the Hennessy, it has taken every punch thrown at it, whether it be rain or wind, heat or cold, all while keeping me comfortable. I know several proud owners of various models of Hennessy Hammocks, which have all lasted over a decade without any sign of wear.

Value ★★★★
The Expedition Asym Classic with rainfly checks in at $160, which may seem like a lot, especially considering you can buy a quality hammock for $60, but it is actually a bit of a steal. Take one of those $60 hammocks camping and you are going to need to buy a standalone rainfly and bug net, which together can cost upwards of $150 on top of the hammock. Throw in the free snakeskins, webbing straps, and water collection system (if you order on and you are easily saving $80 by buying an integrated package like the Expedition.

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