12 Amazing Outdoor Companies in New England

The East Coast should not be overlooked when it comes to amazing outdoor companies. From the White Mountains to the northern Appalachians, adventure is abound in the New England. And springing from those mountain peaks and rugged hiking trails are a lot of gear companies that go above and beyond in delivering high quality equipment. And whether it’s all natural sunscreen or safety ropes, to get a glimpse at all there is, here for you today are 12 Amazing Outdoor Companies in New England:

allAll Terrain – Sunapee, New Hampshire
All Terrain is a company that provides natural solutions to the many liquids we use in the backcountry and backyard. It all started when a climber was hiking in Costa Rica and a bottle of DEET-based bug spray leaked in his backpack. The insect repellent melted through his backpack and the keys of a calculator he was carrying. Realizing it was made to go on skin, the hiker went back home to Sunapee, New Hampshire to research and develop over 50 natural, effective products including sunscreens, insect repellants, soaps,hand sanitizers, and limp balms.

delormeDeLorme – Yarmouth, Maine
DeLorme is a GPS and Mapping Software company based out of Yarmouth, Maine. Including GIS Software Suites and Data Collection Platforms, the adventurous side of DeLorme comes in the form of Handheld GPS Units and Satellite Communicators. Getting lost while still staying in touch has never been so easy with DeLorme, and thanks their long lasting battery power, stay on the trail and on track longer with any number of the DeLorme platforms.


dionDion Snowshoes – North Bennington, Vermont
What separates Dion Shoes from the rest of the pack is that they sell their snowshoes by the parts, not by the entire product itself. That means you get to customize your snowshoe by its frame, bindings, and cleats, ensuring you the best possible fit. Ditching the “one size fits all” approach, Dion prides itself in the highest quality snowshoe for every adventurer, and to test their products out, Dion Snowshoes also has an extensive race series throughout the North East.


eastEastern Mountain Sports – Meriden, Connecticut
With 68 stores stretching from Maine to Virginia, Eastern Mountain Sports is your one stop shop all over New England for everything adventure. That’s because with 100’s of brands to choose from, and a knowledgeable staff to help you, Eastern Mountain Sports prides itself on enabling customers to have more fun outside. And on top of their retail component, Eastern Mountain Sports also offers guided adventure opportunities across the world including whale watching on the San Juan Islands, biking touring through the Italian Dolomites, and exploring the Argentinian Wine Country.

ibexIbex Outdoor Clothing – White River Junction, Vermont
Ibex Outdoor Clothing is all about that wool, that fine Merino that controls your body temperature and stays odor-free throughout the day. Selling varying product lines from baselayers to lifestyle garments, Ibex Outdoor Clothing will not only will keep you comfortable as you find your active pursuits, but they will have you looking good while doing it. As many outdoor folk understand, wool is the way to go, and Ibex Outdoor Clothing is the place to go for excellent wool apparel. And to better understand the properties of wool and what makes it so good, check out Ibex’s Wool 101 Page.

jetJetboil – Manchester, New Hampshire
Jetboil is a big name in backpacking stoves and a pioneer in heat transferring efficiency. Began just in 2001, Jetboil can be seen on and off the trail everywhere you go, especially one of their signature lines the Jetboil Flash, which rapid boils 16 oz. of water in 2 ½ minutes. Throw in the Jetboil Coffee Press with your stove and you can treat yourself to some of the best trailside coffee you can find. And for an idea of all that you can cook with a Jetboil, check out their long list of Trail Recipes.

LLL.L. Bean – Freeport, Maine
The company that helped define the New England style, L.L. Bean has been a provider of quality apparel for over a century now. Began in 1912 by Leon Leonwood Bean, this once one-man operation is now a global player whose headquarters are still firmly rooted in Freeport, Maine. Selling everything including Men’s Polos , Cross Country SkisPuddle Jumpers, and Fly Rods, L.L. Bean is looking to support whatever outdoor lifestyle you can imagine. And to keep with the times, if not ahead of them, L.L. Bean also offers absolutely free shipping within the U.S. with no minimum order and no end date in sight.

nemoNemo Equipment, Inc – Dover, New Hampshire
Nemo Equipment was founded in 2002 with the intention of bringing new technology and science into the gear we use to explore the natural world. Tents were the first product line to come to fruition, and today they sell all types including bivvies, tarps, and traditional tents. One unique feature of some of these models is Nemo Equipment’s patented AirSupported Technology which translates to inflatable tent poles. And besides crazy awesome tents, Nemo Equipment also makes award winning sleeping bags and sleeping pads.

newNew Balance – Boston, Massachusetts
New Balance is one of the older footwear companies in the United States, and with over 100 years of providing excellent shoes, they are also one of the major players in the market. Located in the runner’s mecca of Boston, between their men’s ultra- distance shoes, women’s trail running shoes, and  custom shoes, New Balance has your feet covered. And off the trail, New Balance can also support your tennis game by providing a line of court friendly shoes and apparel. Check them out today and see why this 100-year old business has at least another 100 years in them.

sterlingSterling Rope – Biddeford, Maine
Literally providing a lifeline for thousands of climbers across the world, Sterling Rope is the leading manufacturer of life safety ropes used for every type of roped climbing imaginable. Whether it’s for canyoneering, climbing, or search and rescue, rest assured the Sterling Ropes puts all of its concentration on the development and absolute precision of its safety lines.  And to see some of their products in action, as well as further safety information, check out Sterling Ropes Video Library.

warmStephenson’s Warmlite – Gilford, New Hampshire
In business since 1955, Stephenson’s Warmlite has been providing campers and explorers with the finest shelters and down sleeping bags for 55 years. Recently releasing their lightest and narrowest Climbers Two-Person Tent, it is also their sleeping bags that are breaking through with innovation. The Warmlite Triple Sleeping Bag features two layers (a thin and a thick) that can be used separately or together making for a sleeping bag for all seasons. Including with it is a Down Filled Air Mattress, ensuring you’ll never go cold in the wilderness again.

wildWild Things U.S.A. – Newport, Rhode Island
Born in the East and in the shadow of Mt. Washington, Wild Things has been providing adventurers with custom fit clothing for over 3 decades. And it is no joke, everything is custom made to your specifications, from their Insulation Jacket to their Mountain Guide Jacket, Wild Thing also provides custom active gear for Military and Law Enforcement personnel.  To check out some of their creations, check out their link for custom inspiration, and you’ll begin to think about how good you would look in a new jacket.

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