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BlueBuds X

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On March 1, 2014
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One of the best Bluetooth headsets on the market. If sound quality and battery life are important to you and you can foot the bill, the BlueBuds are the way to go.


We’re all familiar with the tangled-earbuds-in-pocket conundrum. A call comes in and it’a race to untangle that mess before your caller hangs up. Here is Jaybird’s solution: the BlueBuds X Bluetooth Headphones.

Construction: ★★★
Right off the bat, the construction of the BlueBuds X is beautiful. The main body of the buds themselves are a high density plastic and the neck is a black matte rubber. One thing that I was exceptionally pleased with was the flat cable. The flat cable helps prevent twisting and tangling which decreases the likelihood of developing a short in the wires. Also, I enjoyed the accessories, namely, the rubber inner ear fins that that keep the buds secure when running or biking. The only thing that I found that might possibly be a problem in the future is the cover for the charging port, which is held on by a tiny sliver of plastic that looks extremely easy to break off . Even still, the construction of the headphones is top notch.

The BlueBuds come in a clam-shell type case that has a magnetic clasp and is lined with a soft fabric. The buds themselves are black and white as well as the the volume selector, and the cable is matte black. One little thing that could be easily looked over is the logo on the back of the earpieces. I really like the look of their logo, its simple and elegant. If I were to describe the look of this product in one word, that word would be sleek.

The battery charges via micro USB in approximately two hours and has a play time of about eight hours. This means that will normal use, it’ll last all day on a single charge. The buds themselves are about 23mm x 13mm with a cord length of 540mm – about the size of a necklace when connected (comes with an adapter than can snap the wire into a necklace). The package also comes with three sizes of interchangeable ear fin kits as mentioned above.

They don an older Bluetooth 2.1 but even that is compatible with just about any mobile device. Button controls come with the standard Bluetooth AVRCP setup – play, pause, skip back, as well as the standard call features – answer, end, reject, volume, power, pair, etc.

In terms of sound quality, these are top notch. Audiophiles (like myself) will be happy with bass response at 20Hz (great for Bluetooth) and a noise cancelling onmi-directional microphone. Call quality while driving on the highway sounds almost as good when while idle. For the most part, I couldn’t find any issues with the functionality.

Price vs. Competitors 
There are a wide range of competitors, but one stands out; Plantronics BackBeat Go 2 that MSRP’s at around $100 and can be found at Best Buy for around $79-$89. The BlueBuds MSRP at $169 but can be found elsewhere for as low as $129. In terms of functionality, they do pretty much the exact same thing, the main difference being that the BlueBuds  have higher sound quality and better battery life. (The Backbeats sound good just not as good as the Bluebuds). If sound quality and battery life are important to you and you can foot the bill, the BlueBuds are the way to go.

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