Review: Kali Aazis Knee Guard



Functionality ★★★★
The Kali Aazis is a surprisingly light weight and comfortable knee guard. They are very breathable and once you start riding, you barely even notice them. These particular knee guards are geared more toward the dirt jumping crowd because they don’t have anything to protect your shin. Which is definitely a must have for any downhill knee guard.

Design and Aesthetics 
These knee guards aren’t super obnoxious or flashy like some of the other guards on the market. Which is nice if you want your knee guards to simply guard your knees. They do their job very well. The Aazis has a hard shell covered with Kevlar on the front of the guard as well as softer, vented side cushions. They are also designed to be slim enough to be wear under pants.


When Kali designed the Aazis, they designed them to be tough and durable. Why else would they make the front cover out of Kevlar? This is one of the reasons why pros such as Raymond George ride with the Aazis. They are also designed to be washable which means you can ride as hard as you want in them and when they get to stinky, you just toss them in the wash and they’re as good as new.

For the low price of $65, you can save your knee from smashing into the tree or rock that you’re inevitably going to hit. When you think about it, $65 is not a bad deal for a pair of solid knee guards, and when they’re made by Kali, you know that they’re going to be built well.

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