Review: Tokul XC 8 Hydration Backpack


The Tokul XC 8 by Platypus is exactly what you need when going on those long treks around the country, from sunny days to snowy days. For a hydration pack that holds 3 liters, it is surprisingly slim. With another 5 liters worth of carrying capacity, this pack only weighs about 1.3 pounds. For more details on size check it out on their website.

The pack features a mid-torso strap that’s great for making sure that nothing is sliding around your back all day without being too restrictive. Along with many pockets and slots for storing car keys, wallets, snacks, etc., there is also an expandable mesh pocket at the front that’s great for stashing anything from extra articles of clothes to small equipment, or in my case, a Bluetooth speaker for some music on the go.

At the end of the hose there is an attached magnet with a counterpart magnet on the shoulder strap, which is very handy when keeping the hose from swinging all about as you move. I will say that the hose is a bit long. When trying to adjust my hose to a more appropriate length I had trouble neatly retaining enough of it in the pack so that the two magnets would meet up. This resulted in a slight kink in the hose which almost never actually affects water flow, but is more so an annoyance to look at, though I’d rather a hose be too long than too short. With some smart hose organization, this can easily be avoided.

Design and Aesthetic
The Tokul XC 8 looks great and works very well. The reservoir has a good snug fit inside the hydration pocket, and with suspension hooks attached to the inside, so you won’t have to worry about anything moving around that you don’t want to. Inside the second pocket, there are many slots for organizing different tools and equipment.

On top of the sleek look, the reflective detailing for safety and adjustable straps, I’d say that this hydration pack is a great buy for any adventurer. The Tokul XC 8 currently comes in Molten Lava Red, Raven Black or Golden Yellow.

The Tokul XC 8 is built to last. It’s made from Ripstop Nylon, Oxford Nylon and YKK zippers making it durable and maneuverable.

At just $89.95 (on sale for $62.97 when you buy fromĀ Platypus) the Tokul XC 8 is a fantastic investment. Considering all the included features, this pack is fairly inexpensive. When hiking, jogging/running, biking or doing basically anything outdoors, this hydration pack is an absolute must have.


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