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Supposedly started with some big winnings from the craps tables in Vegas, Liberty has gone on to win accolades around the world for their bamboo core creations and other innovations. The Liberty series, started in 2016 and is a Big Mountain powder ski aimed at the advanced to expert ski level rider

This ski is very light, yet seemed sturdier than its weight would lead you to believe. It was easy to throw around in the bumps, yet carved steadily when asked to. The bumps were a breeze with the Origins and the light weight made it much easier than normal to negotiate no matter how steep the pitch or big the bumps. The weight was a bit light when flying flat out on the groomers but it held reasonably strong at high speed. They did waver a bit at high speed but that may have been more my fault than the Liberty’s as it is just hard to comprehend such a light ski performing so well at high speed. This is a great all-around ski that will take you from bumps to cruisers without any problems at all.

Design and Aesthetics
The Liberty comes with what they call a “Speed core” of bamboo laminated with poplar which makes for a light weight yet durable and lively ski and comes with a “Bomb Rocker “design. The Bomb Rocker is a full tip and tail rocker with a slight camber underfoot. This ski is noticeably lighter, probably due to the bamboo laminated with poplar and is possibly one of, if not, the lightest skis around. With a waist of 116 this is a fat ski that gives you way more stability than you would think with the light weight. The waist width comes in at 116mm and the lengths run 174, 182 and 190cm. The graphics are colorful with muted blues dominating in the design. These boards caught the eyes of several friends when I skied up on them. Earth-tone colors seem to be coming back in vogue these days but the Liberties popped with bright colors and look sharp.

While the light weight and bamboo construction may worry some, this Colorado ski company is getting known for their excellent warranty package. They offer a three year guarantee on their handcrafted skis which is just about the best in the business. They couldn’t survive offering such a guarantee if their skis were breaking on folks.

The 2016 models go for a MSRP of $699. This seems to be pretty much the price range of most good Big Mountain skis and is a great deal considering the performance you will get. Liberty as mentioned is also known for their backing of their products with one of the best warrantee programs in the business.


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Michael Ryan

Michael is a full-time musician and freelance writer residing in Morrison, Colorado. He enjoys downhill skiing, traveling and attempting to play golf. He excels in the sport of extreme napping so if you must call, make it after noon.

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