Review: My Pakage Action Series Underwear

aerhgThis review is a little more graphic than others so if you’re not ready for that, don’t read. Otherwise, proceed with caution.

The one place where I did practice restraint is in photos. If I could take a picture of these undies to show how well they fit, I would. But you may never be able to erase that memory, so I will spare you.

Dudes have one thing in common: we’ve got weiners. And weiners tend to flop around, especially during sports. While these aren’t a good replacement for a jock strap, there’s a reason every eighth grade basketball coach makes you wear one.

These undies have a built in pocket, or what they call a “Keyhole,” so your junk isn’t all mashed up against a leg or tucked under the grundle or what not. At first I thought this concept was gimmicky but after trying these, I’m pretty confident that I actually do want underwear for Christmas. It’s hard to explain but it solves a problem that most men didn’t even realize they have until they wear them.

Design and Aesthetic
The undies themselves are made of a quick dry, odor resistant mesh-like material in case you let out a real stanker and need to check your pants. Compared to Ex Officio infamous Give-n-Go Underwear, (a brand that actually claims that you can wear them multiple days in a row), these deal with stank much better. You never know when you’ll walk into a fancy establishment with a little swamp going on down there, and need just a little oomph to filter that butt smell before say, shake your father-in-laws hand. Not speaking from experience or anything.

These are visibly more durable than Ex Officio’s Give-n-Go’s and they pack down just as small (travelers know why the packing of underwear is actually important). After a few months of wash, I can also see that they don’t pill in the drier like other mesh-like material (all my Ex Officio underwear have pilled and it looks kind of gross).

At $25, they’re on the expensive side for underwear but for what they are, in my opinion, they’re worth it. I’m the type of person who finds one shirt, pants, shorts, socks, or whatever, then buys ten of the exact same pair and wears the exact same thing every single day, just in different colors. That’s what I did with my Give-N-Go’s but now, I’m going to replace all my Give-n-Go’s with these MyPakage Action Series. I’ll just have to wait for the right timing (I’m thinking ten pairs of underwear at $25 a pop will mean I’ll have to pull the trigger all at once and at least get free shipping).

Another 4.75 star rating for gear (my second this year!) But the true testament is—would I buy more of these in the future? That answer is yes—I will buy 10 more pairs. So in my books, the MyPakage Action Series underwear deserves the high marks.

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