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First Impressions
I picked up the rod at a FedEx location and ripped open the packaging while in the store. The guy at the counter asked what I was holding and I explained that it was graphene fly fishing rod. Apparently at one point, the clerk had written a college paper about graphene, which the details of which, he would soon dispel. And so began my first exposure to the amazingness of this breakthrough material.

In 2010,  Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov won the Nobel Peace Prize in Physics for inventing the world’s strongest known material, Graphene. This two dimensional allotrope is over 200 times stronger than steel and a million times thinner than paper. It’s mostly used in semiconductors and electronics, but any fly angler worth his/her salt knows that light and strong means more fish. Or something like that.

G-Rods was the first to bring graphene to market in fishing rods. While the concept seems to make sense, I took the rod for a spin on the White River in Arkansas and Roaring River in Missouri.

World’s Lightest Material But Not Lightest Overall Rod
G-Rods makes two different versions of handles of the Pro Fly Series. The one I reviewed had was carbon fiber but there is also a cork version.

The blanks may be the lightest in the world, but the carbon handle version was heavier than other lightweight fast action rods. The cork version of the handle is significantly lighter making it more competitive to other rods in its class.

This particular rod was a tad stiffer than other 4 WTs I’ve thrown. The action was extremely responsive, helping me feel even the slightest of nibbles.

The tailwaters in our area are sometimes referred to as bathtub gin because of how clear it is. Trout are picky and anglers have to fish smaller than 22 to even get looks. When drifting midges, I prefer an extremely fast rod like this one so I don’t lose bites.

Power in the Wind
Sometimes it felt more like a 5 WT than a 4 WT and transferred power extremely well. I could land a 24 Griffiths Gnat through hurling wind into brush-covered eddies without a flinch. Casting felt crisp all the way throughout the line.

While I did enjoy how crisp this rod felt, I will say that I’ve fished lighter 4 WTs. That said, action on this rod made it perfect for fishing the White River in Arkansas and will likely be my favorite/GO-TO for years to come.

First Graphene Fishing Rods
G-Rods is the first company to produce rods with blanks entirely made out of graphene. The company, based out of Plano, Texas, makes several different types of rods varying by species of fish, from saltwater to freshwater.

The Pro Fly Series is made in three different weights – 4 WT, 5 WT and 7 WT.

Titanium guides line the four pieces, giving the rod a premium feel. I would have preferred a lighter handle but the carbon fiber handle definitely felt solid.

Each rod comes with a one year or first break warranty. Designed in USA, made in China.

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