Review: Osprey Kode 42 Backpack

Review of: Osprey Kode 42

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On June 2, 2014
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The Osprey Kode 42 Backpack is a great pack and can fit as much stuff as you're willing to shove into it.

The Osprey Kode 42 Backpack is a beefy and well built pack. It offers everything you need for skiing, snowboard mountaineering, and hut-to-hut trips. It is a very large and versatile pack. If you’re the kind of person who likes for there to be a place for everything and for everything to be in its place, then you will love this pack. It has a pocket for everything from a shovel to a hydration bladder. One of the few down sides of this pack is the fact that it has no avalanche protection system and is not ABS compatible. 

Design and Aesthetics 
This bag is very well designed and it comes in 3 colors so you can match it to all of your other gear. The glove friendly buckles make adjusting your pack and attaching gear extremely easy and effortless. Another great feature that Osprey uses for all of their packs is they measure your back so you get a perfect fit which makes the pack very comfortable even if you wear it all day. 

The Osprey Kode 42 is built to be bomb proof. It is built using 420D HD nylon and 420D hex rip nylon so it could basically be attacked by a polar bear and still be able to carry gear. Whether or not you would still be able to carry gear after that little encounter is a whole different story.

When I hear the name Osprey, I automatically think about “high-end bags” and this bag is no exception.The nice thing about this bag is that it doesn’t have a “high-end” price tag. For the low price of $169.00, the Osprey Kode 42 and all of its incredible features can be all yours. When you consider everything that this bag does, 170 bucks starts sounding pretty great.

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