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The Revo Guide Small sunglasses are quickly becoming one of my favorite pairs of sunglasses. They are comfortable, built to last, and they look great. I have lost or broken countless sunglasses due to the fact that they fall off and get stepped on or roll down a hill. As hard as I tried, I could NOT get these Revo’s to fall off! The great thing is, they don’t just latch onto your skull and that’s why they don’t fall off. The reason they refuse to fall off is because of the design of the arms. They are slightly curved and have vents cut into them to improve ventilation. This subtle curve helps the glasses to keep from moving around on your face. The lenses of the Revo Guide Small are polarized and impact resistant which is a great quality for anyone who does anything outdoors. On top of all of this, you can also order them as prescription sunglasses.

Design and Aesthetics
The design of this product is great. Everything from the vents in the side to the curved stem is built to last and to be able to function and look good anywhere and everywhere. The fit of these glasses is perfect. It is obvious that they were designed to fit a face and not a display stand. They wrap around your face instead of just sitting on it. This helps to make them much more comfortable than they would be otherwise.

These glasses are bombproof. You can give them a beating and they will just keep coming back and asking for more.

Value ★★★
There are two kinds of people who buy sunglasses in this world, one kind buys one pair of durable sunglasses that keep wearing their sunglasses even years after they go out of style. Then there are the people who buy a new pair every week because they either break or you lose them. If I dropped two bones on these babies and lost them, I would be pretty pissed. So if you’re good at losing stuff, you might want to reconsider. I’m don’t lose things very often so they are worth it to me, but my coworker here (who I really hope doesn’t read this) is constantly leaving his stuff all over the office. They do have a lanyard on them but they are still very easy to misplace.

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