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On August 28, 2015
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Lifestraw is portable, inexpensive, and ensures that backpackers have clean water in a pinch or survival situation.

lifestrawA relatively new product, Lifestraw is generating a great deal of buzz with backpackers and outdoor lovers, particularly those for whom minimalist hiking is no less than a religion. This lightweight device filters contaminated drinking water making it perfectly safe for storing and drinking while trekking. It’s also a lifesaving tool for those who find themselves in a survival situation where clean drinking water may be scarce or nonexistent.

Functionality ★★★★★
The Lifestraw functions just as it should, with little need for flash. Hollow fiber technology within the straw filters out bacteria, waste, and other nastiness without the use of chemicals. For backpackers and outdoor enthusiasts who are sick of iodine tablets that taste terrible, this is welcome news. Rarely is there any aftertaste or particles from the water being filtered. As the name suggests, users can merely put the end of the Lifestraw into a lake or creek and suck out clean water. This incredibly efficient method makes Lifestraw an affordable necessity for all who spend considerable time in the outdoors.

A few other awesome details:

  • Lifestraw filters up to 264 gallons (1,000 liters)
  • Removes salmonella and E. Coli.
  • Weighs 2 ounces, 9 inches
  • BPA free

Design and Aesthetics ★★★★
Lifestraw has a utilitarian design which allows the user to suck directly from water sources without having to assemble anything beforehand. At only 9 inches long, Lifestraw is small enough to fit into any pack while still being long enough to get the job done. Its baby blue color makes it easy to find at the bottom of packs or if it is dropped on trail.

Durability ★★★
Backpacks undoubtedly get tossed around, stepped on, even thrown down hills or cliffs and dropped in creeks and lakes. It happens. Luckily, Lifestraw’s tough plastic helps it to withstand these unfortunate bumps. However, if a user really wants to keep it safe and have it handy, wearing it around the neck is advised.

Value ★★★★★
Coming in at only $19.95 this item is completely worth the cash. Especially when you compare it to more expensive (and less portable) water filtration methods. Whether you’re concerned about a survival situation or merely want to carry less water on the trail and not have to worry about it, Lifestraw is worth every penny.

For a Good Cause
Outdoorsmen and women generally have big hearts and love seeing their money go toward a good cause. Your Lifestraw purchase ensures that one child attending school in a developing country will have access to safe drinking water. Check out Lifestraw’s Follow the Filters to learn more.


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