REVIEW: Sensi Graves Alexa Top

Review of: Alexa Top
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Sensi Graves
Medium Deep

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On April 3, 2020
Last modified:April 3, 2020


The Alexa top is functional and fashionable. Sensi Graves has done exactly what they set out to do.

Design/Aesthetics ★★★★

I was originally attracted to Sensi Graves because of their unique prints and fun combinations. This is a brand that has not forgotten the importance of making swimwear that is both attractive and practical. The Alexa top in the Deep color is no exception. I love the combination of the simple color with the accented print! Plus, you can’t help but be inspired to try new and bold swimsuit combinations when looking at their new Spring line!

Durability ★★★★★

While I have only had the Alexa for a short time, the build of this swimsuit gives me the confidence to believe that it will last for a long time. The suit is well made and clearly designed with strength, as seen through the thicker straps, double-lined fabric, and elastic underbust band.

Functionality ★★★★★

Sensi Graves prides themselves on the functionality of their swimsuits for all types of adventures in the water. The Alexa top has so far lived up to the brand promise, and I am pleased with the security that it offers, even when put to the test. The Alexa top, in particular, offers additional functionality because of the way the suit has been designed. The strap system allows you to adjust the suit perfectly to your size and desired fit, making it more customizable and able to work for a larger range of body types. I have only seen a few other swimsuits that offer this level of adjustment.

Value ★★★★

At $62, the Alexa top sits slightly higher than the average for swimsuits that are built to last and built to perform. While I would usually opt for a slightly less expensive suit, I am convinced that I could not find a better suit that pairs such high levels of style and reliability.

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