Great Outdoor Brands from the Northern Great Plains

Here are a few of our favorite outdoor brands in Montana and Wyoming. These brands are changing the name of outdoors in the Great Plains and we are heckin’ excited about them.


Crazy Creek Products- Red Lodge, Montana

Crazy Creek is best known for their camping chairs perfectly crafted for life on the trail. With their original, brightly-colored packable chair, they revolutionized lightweight, portable backcountry sitting. Since then, Crazy Creek hasn’t stopped creating comfortable products for the outdoors.


Mystery Ranch- Bozeman, Montana

Mystery Ranch designs backpacks that are built for a mission. They don’t believe in a one-pack-fits-all mentality and with packs specialized for military, outdoors, fire, hunting, and law enforcement, Mystery Ranch invites you into a new reality for packs and gear. Their gear is designed to be incredibly durable and their packs are inspired by dedicated outdoor adventurers people like you.


Oboz Footwear- Bozeman, Montana

Oboz designs and builds men’s and women’s hiking boots, hiking shoes, insulated footwear, sandals and more from the ground up for wherever the trail takes you. Oboz is passionate about the trails we love, and for every pair of shoes purchased, they plant a tree. Motivated to lace-up by the beautiful surroundings of their Bozeman home, Oboz hopes their shoes will remind you of the importance of the places we explore and the people around us.


Simms- Bozeman, Montana

Simms Fishing designs the ultimate waders and fishing gear with maximum comfort, durability, and functionality. The team at Simms has seen the power fishing has to unite people, relieve stress, develop character, restore watersheds and ease personal suffering. They believe the world will be better off if more people pick up a rod and reel, and their gear is built to help you do just that.


Sitka Gear- Bozeman, Montana

Sitka Gear uses advanced design, technology and fabrics to create gear systems that enhance the experience of the hunter, and turn your everyday apparel into gear essential. As creators of camouflage outerwear and essential layers, Sitka provides the perfect combination of strength and functionality that meets the unique demands of the outdoors and of the hunt.


Croakies- Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Croakies Creates Stylish, Durable and Functional Products for Active People. Best known for their classic eyewear retainer, Croakies continually offers practical outdoor accessories with designs and styles that can’t help but make you remember that the outdoors is first and foremost a giant playground where fun can be had.


Noso Patches- Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Noso Patches are the fashion Do-It-Yourself repair patch for outdoor gear and clothing. We all have at least one jacket currently being held together with a piece of duck tape, but Noso has created a better way. Their patches allow for outdoorsmen to get as many days in the sun as possible while encouraging a culture of creative solutions and repurposed materials. Next time you are about to slap a piece of tape on your down jacket, check out Noso for the better gear repair solution.


Surf Wyoming- Sheridan, Wyoming

Surf Wyoming was born out of a desire to change the mindset of the outdoor industry. Their brand aims to capture the mentality of going against the current, like Wyoming’s very first pioneering river surfers. Their apparel, accessories, and collaborations promote the wild hootin’ and hollarin’ adventure spirit that they hope to create in their community and in the world.


Contributions by Jaslyn

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