Amazing Outdoor Companies in California

cali companiesCalifornia has a lot to offer for everyone under the sun. Between 8 Nationals Parks, the Pacific Ocean, and a multitude of movie stars, California has long since been a destination for outdoor enthusiasts, explorers, and dreamers alike. And within the borders of this 3rd largest state in the U.S. are some amazing outdoor companies to find work and play with. And while the list is large, to get you started on the Golden State outdoor economy, here is a sample of 10 outdoor companies you can find in California:

backBackroads – Berkley
Backroads has spent the last 3 decades designing and redefining their adventure business, and after so many roads traveled, they may have perfected the multi-day, multi-sport adventure vacation you are looking for. With trips to Spain, France, Italy, and much more, Backroads represents vacations full of recreation, destinations, and that cumulative journey that provides a rich experience. And whether you go to Backroads for an Active Gourmet expedition or Family Breakaway vacation, or even for employment, know that it will come with memories you’ll never forget.

camelbakCamelbak – Petaluma
Camelbak has solidified itself in the hydration market as one of the most advance and well-known hydration systems out there. And it wasn’t just luck that gives them the designation, it’s a tried and tested product line that keeps their consumers thirsty for more gear. And whether you are rocking one of their packs (such as the Marathoner, the Rim Runner, or the SnoBlast), or one of their colorful and versatile water bottles, know that with the Got Your Bak Lifetime Guarantee your hydration system will hit the trails as long as you do.

deckersDeckers Brands – Goleta
Deckers Brands might not be the first name you think of when considering brands like Ugg, Teva, and Sanuk, but this design company can be found at the base of all these outdoor products and many more. And what gives it the ultimate edge in becoming an outdoor company isn’t just the adventurous products it helps create, but the adventurous lifestyle exhibited everyday by its employees. And that adventurous lifestyle also helped Deckers Brands land on the Outside Magazine’s Best Places to Work 2014.

infinInfinity Surfboard Company
California is a famous for a lot of things, movie stars, rugged mountains, and of course, beautiful surfing. And for that reason, California is equally as famous for surfboard companies. There are a lot of surfboard innovators alongside the California Coast (including PureGlass, Bessell Surfboards, & Roland Surfboards), and Infinity Surfboard Company is one of many that has proudly supplied and advocated the sport for generations of surfers and beach bums of all kinds.

kleanKlean Kanteen – Chico
Dating back to 2002, Klean Kanteen has been providing stainless steel, BPA-free water bottles for personal hydration, placing them ahead of the market and innovation through this environmentally forward product. Since then, Klean Kanteen has improved and lengthened their product line to now include items like 64 oz. Growlers, and vacuum insulated Food Canisters and Tumblers. Atop of providing eco-friendly water bottles, Klean Kanteen has taken the extra step and received a designation as a B Corporation and participates in the 1% For the Planet initiative.

northThe North Face – San Leandro
Undoubtedly if you have spent any time in the outdoor industry, or the outdoors at all, you have seen the iconic North Face emblem and typeface branded on a variety of fleeces, hats, outerwear, technical bags, tents, and sleeping bags (plus much more). But what you might not have known is that this monumental force in the outdoor industry had its humble beginnings more than forty years ago in San Francisco. Fast forward 40 years and The North Face hasn’t stopped exploring yet, and now offer adventure advocate programs like Mountain Athletics Fitness, Speaker Series, and Endurance Challenges.

marmotMarmot – Rohnert Park
Another contending force in the outdoor apparel and gear market, Marmot Equipment Design and Manufacturing started in 1971 in a dorm room at the University of Santa Cruz. Since then, the business has grown up quite a bit but has never forgotten the enthusiasm for the outdoors that originally started the business. Offering a wide line of equipment (Sleeping Bags, Backpacks, & Tents), as well as stylish clothing options (Jackets/Vests, Tops, & Bottoms), Marmot can literally have you covered for any adventure you seek.

patPatagonia – Ventura
Patagonia is yet one more outdoor giant whose origins stem from California and whose products travel the world. Patagonia almost embodies more of a lifestyle than a product line and carries just about any high quality item you could need on your next adventure. Whether you are looking for the most comfortable Wool Underwear you can wear for ten days straight, or the Super Alpine Jacket for you next high elevation adventure, Patagonia delivers on quality and performance. And beyond having the right equipment, Patagonia’s Iron-Clad Guarantee will keep those top of the line garments and gear in your closet for the rest of your adventuring days.

rrRoyal Robbins – Modesto
Royal Robbins and his wife Liz already have quite the reputation for being outstanding ambassadors of the adventure world without even recognizing their longstanding clothing brand. Born in the mountains and climbing routes of Yosemite, Liz Robbins was tired of not finding the right clothing to adventure in so she designed her own. That gave birth to one of the most popular Royal Robbins apparel to date, the Billy Goat Short, and based of its popularity led to other products like Dresses, Pants, and Capris.

toadToad&Co – Santa Barbara
Previously known as Horny Toad, Toad&Co may have found its humble beginnings in the snowy town of Telluride, Colorado, but it is on the sunny shores of Santa Barbara where it became a major presence in the outdoor industry. Ranking on Outside Magazine’s “Best Places to Work” for over 5 years straight, and a member of the 1% For the Planet initiative, Toad&Co is moving headfast into the future with a new name and new Modern Travel Line for Men and Women.

San Francisco Startups – LINK
Besides Alcatraz, the Golden Gate Bridge, and hilly streets, San Francisco is also known for its emerging startup atmosphere. And would you believe it? But a lot of these tech savvy entrepreneurs also a have an appreciation for the outdoors leading to innovative outdoor startups like All ; Last Minute ; Weekend ; and Equipster

Snow Resorts
If there is only one thing California has a lot of (which there isn’t) it would be snow resorts. And whether you are looking for some powder to play on or somewhere to work on the weekends, you have a full choice of ski resorts. While there is plenty of blockbuster resorts like Mammoth Mountain, Squaw Valley, and Heavenly ; it’s important to not forget some of the lesser known but equally awesome resorts such as Alta Sierra, Mount Shasta, and Badger Pass

National and State Parks
California and the NPS have a good relationship. That’s because with 8 national parks, and over double that in monuments, historic sites, and recreation areas, there is a lot to explore in California. And whether your National Park Service journey or employment takes you to Yosemite, Joshua Tree, Whiskey Town, Lava Beds, the Mojave Desert, Muir Woods, Point Reyes National Seashore, the Redwoods, or Rosie the Riveter WWII Home Front (and many more), know that it will take a lifetime to discover all that California has to offer.

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