10 Amazing Outdoor Companies in British Columbia

british colombiaBritish Columbia is a hotspot for adventure year round. Bordering the Pacific Ocean, Canada’s westernmost province has a jagged landscape full of Canadian Rockies, impressive glaciers, and enormous lakes. Within these rugged borders lies parts of Glacier National Park and the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, and you can’t even mention adventure in B.C. without bringing up Whistler Blackcomb Ski and Summer Resort. And amidst all this adventure action, situated squarely in Vancouver and surrounding communities, are amazing companies that enable this outdoor lifestyle. And while there are a lot to choose from, some stand above the rest, and to give you a taste of that British Columbia adventure, here for you today are 10 Amazing Outdoor Companies in BC.

Named after Archaeopteryx Lithographica (the first reptile to develop the feather for flight), Arc’teryx values itself on giving adventurers the same mobility on all their expeditions. Through high-quality and everlasting outdoor garments, such as waterproof shells, insulated jackets, and a wide array of base layers (as well as multi-day and singular day packs), Arc’teryx has not only made a name for itself in its hometown of Vancouver, but is renowned for its top quality  and adventure items across the world.

climateClimate Outdoors—Vancouver
Climate Outdoors was founded in Vancouver in 1998 and proudly operates 100% of their production and manufacturing still there today. Offering clothing for adventure anywhere, Climate Outdoors is dedicated to ensuring the optimal experience for all of your adventures by providing high-quality and technically designed clothing to stand up to the elements. And whether you find yourself sailing with the Gale Force Windproof Vest or hiking through the rainforest in the Sirroco Hardshell Pants, know that you don’t have to worry about ripping at the seams with Climate Outdoors.

hillHillsound Equipment Inc.—Vancouver
Hillsound Equipment Inc. is another great example in the outdoor community of a gear company that is built from a need and passion for exploring the outdoors, no matter the environment. Offering top quality Crampons and Gaiters, these easy to use and quick to put on products met their first beta-testing ground in the Himalayan Mountains. And after a resounding success and positive feedback from a network of athletes, Hillsound Equipment Inc. was born, and to this day they are still rocking out in Vancouver where the rest of their story is waiting to be told.

divingInternational Diving Centre—Vancouver
The International Diving Centre in Vancouver proudly believes that British Columbia has some of the best SCUBA diving locations in all of the world, and their mission? To share that underwater world with new and seasoned scuba divers alike. That’s why this Vancouver based shop offers Refresher, Recreational, and Professional SCUBA Courses, as well as wide line of products and rentals to further dive into the sport. On top of everything else, the International Diving Center hosts professionally guded SCUBA trips throughout the year, ensuring that whether it’s your first diving experience or your hundredth, you’ll be surrounded by a knowledgeable community that is happy to share the water with you.

infinityInfinity Cycle Works Ltd.—Vancouver
Infinity Cycle Works is a bicycle manufacturer, distributor, and design house based out of Vancouver, and through their wide collection of Adult and Kids bikes, they are hoping to get two wheels between the legs of every person old enough to shift gears. Also featuring a unique line of electric InfinitE Bikes, even if you don’t like pedaling you don’t have an excuse to not put that helmet on and hit the bike trails. And for a great deal on a great bike, check out  Infinity Cycle Works’ 2014 Stock for big values on bikes that sell fast.

mecMountain Equipment Co-operative
Whether you’re into snow action, water sports, or the yoga lifestyle, Mountain Equipment Co-Operative (MEC) has everything you need and more to live an adventurous lifestyle. Inspired by a need to have something like an REI in Canada, MEC started like all adventure companies should, on an adventure, and in 1970 at the base of Mount Baker, the first idea of a Canadian Co-op came to be. Fast forward nearly 50 years later and countless of adventures, and MEC is now a staple in Canadian adventure culture, offering low prices and community events to Canadian explorers and beyond.

noNozone Clothing Company—Delta
A family owned and operated business since 1995, Nozone Clothing Company provides ease of mind through their sunblock and UPF rated clothing line. Applying and reapply sunscreen all day to your kids is no easy tasks, and with Nozone’s full line of baby and children clothes, hats, and sunglasses, you can cut down on that summer sunscreen ritual. And with a UPF rating of 50+, which means that they block out 97% of UVA and UVB solar rays, this is the ultimate summer accessory company.

striktStrikt Gear Company—Golden
The people at Strikt Gear Company don’t just make high-quality snowmobile and motocross performance wear, they put it to the test while revving the engines and chasing their own pursuits. Designed by riders, Strikt has a full line of snow and dirt clothing lines including base layers, jackets, and bibs that will get you ready to tackle any terrain you might come across. And with the Strikt’s patented Sledtek technologies going into all their snow gear, you’ll never fear Old Man Winter ever again.

whistWhistler Blackcomb
While British Columbia has many amazing mountain peaks, the mega monolith that is most associated with this rugged terrain is Whistler Blackcomb and the corresponding resort that operates across its majestic mountainside. Any time of the year is a great time to visit Whistler Blackcomb, and not only for the world class downhill skiing in the winter and epic mountain biking in the summer, but with the Peak to Peak Gondola, scenic train rides, guided backcountry adventures, and an annual Fire and Ice show, it would be anyone’s dream to permanently live in a chalet at the base of Whistler Blackcomb.

Breweries in British Columbia
Whether you are talking about Driftwood, Strange Fellows, or Red Truck, it is an understatement to say that British Columbia has a few nice breweries. And whether you’re catching some waves, shredding some gnar, or enjoying a sunset after a long hike, why not sit back and enjoy a freshly crafted British Columbia Beverage such as the Red Betty IPA from Central City or the Pow Town Porter from Townsite Brewing Company? And if that’s not your flavor, British Columbia also offers classics from Dead Frog  Brewery, Howe Sound Brewing, and Four Winds Brewing just to name a few more.

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