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Shallen Orband

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On August 11, 2015
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Star.21 is a Fitness Tracker that helps kickstart a healthy lifestyle and cultivates long lasting habits. Based on the 21 days habit formation theory, by achieving a list of milestones in the game, it turns tasks into habits that are second nature.


Functionality ★★★★
The Oaxis Star.21 is a fitness band that allows the user to track calories, sleep, and fitness goals. It helps kickstart a healthy lifestyle and cultivates long lasting habits.

The bracelet is synced via bluetooth with an app called LifeBalanz that you download on your smartphone to follow your results. You open the app and as long as the bracelet is close to your phone it will transfer the data over. The app displays calories burned, steps taken, and quality of sleep as well as duration and sleep cycles. You can also track the distance you’ve walked/run for the day and total activity time. The band runs your “fitness journey” for 21 days by creating attainable goals based on the activeness of your lifestyle.

The Fitness Starband is charged with a USB cord that connect to your computer (it takes an hour and a half to charge) and when fully charged the battery can last up to 15 days. It doesn’t come charged when you first get it which can be frustrating, let’s face it, we all hate waiting for things to charge, especially when we are excited to try them out.

Design and Aesthetic ★★★★
The Star.21 comes in six colors: Rose, Green, Sky Blue, Berlin Blue, Black, and White. The band is light, weighing only 18 grams, you barely notice your wearing it after awhile and it’s adjustable so it can fit almost anyone. The dermatologically safe soft touch material gives the bracelt a sleek and modern look. The only design flaw is the flap that covers the charging port (the part that allows the band to be water resistant) is really hard to open.

Durability ★★★
The Fitness Starband seems for the most part, very durable. However, It’s notable that since the bracelet isn’t 100% waterproof you would have to take it off for swimming (so the calories you burn swimming or doing any other water sports won’t be tracked). Also showering with it on isn’t the best idea, but unfortunately it’s easy to forget your wearing it so you have to be careful!

Value ★★★★
This Star.21 is considerably cheap when compared to bands like the FitBit. The comparable FitBit sells for $99.95, while the Star.21 is $69.90 and has a 5 day longer battery life! Many other fitness bands that do similar things as the Starband are on the market, so I’d definitely shop around to make sure the Star.21 is a good choice for you. Overall, this band works great for the price. It does everything it claims and can really help you become aware of your lifestyle and pushes you to change it for the better.

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