Dear Gearographer; Men ask for Directions?

Dear Gearographer,

With Siri on our phones and Google Maps and MapQuest online, will men ever need to ask for directions again?

-Lost in L.A.

Dear Lost,

Real men never asked for directions before. Like me, if most men made a wrong turn, they just claimed it was a short-cut, or the ever-favorite scenic route, and drove in circles until finding our destination on our own. Now we have Siri and I’m not too fond of her. If I need a female voice telling me where to go, well, I already have a wife for that. MapQuest and Google Maps are fine because all men have an innate ability to read maps. We used to have an innate ability to fold them—something our women could never do correctly—which is a moot point in this paper-less society.
No we never “Needed” to ask for directions, we were just embarrassed into it. Now though, with all the tools of modern technology, if we get lost—which believe it or not does happen—we can blame it on MapQuest, Google Maps or better yet, that annoying, nagging Siri.


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