Review: Camp Tricam Evo

Camp TriCams-8808Functionality ★★★
The Tricam got its name from the unique design which combines three different pieces of gear in one compact tool. The Tricam Evo is the transformer of the climbing world. It can be a passive cam, an active cam, and it can even function as a passive nut. This means that you only have to carry a third of the gear on your rack. To test these cams, I did what anyone would do; I stuck them in a bridge and hung upside down from them. I even tried to pull them out and they wouldn’t budge. Of course, we also tested them on rock.
Camp TriCams-8866

Design and Aesthetics ★★★
The design of this cam is basic but simple. This simplicity means that there are no moving parts that can break. They are also designed with a stiffer sling, which makes one-handed placement a breeze.

Durability ★★★
To test the durability of the Tricam, I went to the local crag and placed them in a crack. I then put my whole body weight on them. When I removed them at the end of the day, I couldn’t even find any scratches on the lobes of the cam. They are made out of aluminum but they perform like they’re made out of some sort of light-weight, super-steel.

Value ★★★
A set of Tricams will run you around 100 bucks and for a set of four cams, thats not too bad. Of course, they’re not the fancy active cams with all the springs, but in some respects, this may be a good thing. They don’t have as much to go wrong. Camp Cams Settings evo


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